Formerly a farmer. A young man in his twenties. He has an ordinary face with no particularly noticeable features, except for his clear light blue eyes. His favorite weapon is a long sword that he wields with both hands, the Pale Sword of Flowing Water, Feinschubel.

[Hero of Quivering Water], one of the Sternbild Kingdom's Four Symbolic Heroes.


He’s a former farmer, a youth in his twenties.

During the coup, his family was threatened to be killed if he didn't participate.

The [Hero of the Quivering Water], much like the Avenger, was originally a farmer boy, the farming was tough and the harvest grew poorly. Therefore he didn't have much money as a kid. he spent his childhood in poverty, but with his relatives' help his family somehow managed.

Yet, when he was 10 years old, the landlord raised the taxes even more and thus the poverty spread even more.

The already dirt poor [Hero of the Quivering Water], his whole family and the other villagers, had no food at all during those days. In some severe cases they even had no choice but to eat grass in order to survive.

But, when it was discovered that he had the [Divine Protection], much like the Avenger, he was sent to the academy and their life got sorted out.

He worked hard and achieved commendable results for the sake of his family. Afterwards, he joined the army and after some time he earned a title of the [Hero of the Quivering Water]. Taking advantage of his newly acquired authority, he killed the landlord who made him suffer with his own hands.

Making sure that the landlord feels what it was like for him, he first cut his hand off, and then left him a meagre amount of food, not letting him live or die. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, torturing the landlord


He has just your run of the mill average face with no particularly noticeable features except for his clear light blue eyes.


  • Sword of Flowing Water : with the name Feinschubel

His weapon of choice is a long sword that he wields with both hands.


with a commoner's face, had quite an extreme nature.

Therefore he didn't have much respect or loyalty for the royals. On the contrary, he had feelings similar to hatred towards them.


The [Hero of the Quivering Water] specializes in attacks with water and vibrations, hence he could easily wash away the black skeletons if not deployed carefully.