They are first mentioned in Day 113, first introduced in Day 149 and all four of them are seen together for the first time in Day 295.

It's said that four Heroes, known as the 【Four Symbolic Heroes】, exist and they make the Sternbild Kingdom’s greatest force, which is similar in strength to the Kirika Empire's Eight Great Knights and Divine Priestess.

【Hero of Darkness】, Alrich Tin Agba. A noble from the Kingdom. Woman in her teens. Has unkempt white hair with a pale haggard face similar to a sick person. Has sadistic preferences. Her favorite weapon is a multi-knotted whip known as the ≪Ruler’s Birch, Contra Nine Tail≫.

【Hero of Quivering Water】, Freed Acty. Formerly a farmer. A young man in his twenties. He has an ordinary face with no particularly noticeable features, except for his clear light blue eyes. His favorite weapon is a long sword that he wields with both hands, the ≪Pale Sword of Flowing Water, Feinschubel≫.

【Hero of Iron Rock】, Gascade Barossa Meloi. A noble from the Kingdom. 40 year old man. A veteran who has served in the military as a general for a long time who has a rock-hard head that’s going bald. His favorite weapon is the huge hammer, ≪Hammer of Isenbal≫.

【Hero of Fortified Wood】, Hoof Ain. Someone who gave up her hometown. She is a female elf who has lived for many years. Being the only demi-human, she is eternally beautiful. Her favorite weapons are the longbow, ≪Furian’s Layered Tree≫, and the poisonous sword, ≪True Steel Poison Sword, Tenfu Fuura≫.

Apparently, there was a chance of Avenger joining and turning it into the 【Five Symbolic Heroes】. This is most likely due to him being a part of the Book of Psalms.