Fomors are considered the strongest species where they reside. Apparently, they are lead by a Ranked Up individual among its peers, The Giant King.

Rou places the White Stag (Sacred Beast) at the top of the Fomorians.


First mentioned in Day 101-110/Day 102 and first seen on Day 101-110/Day 107.

After chasing the White Stag and giving up going any further, Rou senses a battle is taking place. Following the traces of the battle, he encounters a group of Fomorians alongside The Giant King fighting against a group of 4 humans and 2 demihumans.

All the Fomor on battle were slain on battle and their corpses later picked up by Rou.


The Fomor's head is similar to a goat's, with fiery eyes and a stalwart upper body.

Its lower body is goat-like as well, covered in black fur. Its scaly tail is similar to an snake's.

Fomorians are a rather primitive-like level skill race: able to craft simple tools. Is common to Fomors to hold a massive club-shaped rock, fit for their size and use.

Black Fomorian

First seen on Day 111-120/Day 114

Variant of the natural Fomor, summoned by Rou's [Lesser Summoning: Giant]. They are pitch black, their size is up to 13 meters tall. Their inteligence is limited, as part of the summoning ability, to make them easy to obey their summoner's orders.

They are the strongest individuals Rou can summon using that skill, far surpassing other possible summons at that moment, but they were no comparable to Balor.

Aside from their use in battle (real or training), the other use Rou gives to get is as food.



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