Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain is an Age of the Gods Dungeon of the [God] rank made by [God of Rebirth].

Mentioned in earlier days, but first seen in person by Rou and company on Day 234.

This dungeon was known for being unconquerable since not even Legendary Heroes could survive it, that is until Rou beat it. After Rou defeated the dungeon boss and captured the dungeon from [God of Rebirth], the dungeons name was changed to Funeral Volcano.


A vast Natural Barrier type dungeon consisting of a volcano and blackened lava fields circling around the volcano. The lava fields serve as the border zone between the main part of the dungeon (the Volcano) and the outside world, and contains:

  • super heated rocky terrain,
  • lava flows,
  • lava lakes,
  • hardened lava pillars,
  • areas with unnatural gravity anomalies,
  • magma rivers floating in the sky,
  • floating metal platforms made of a rare heat absorbing metal,
  • hills with rich rare mineral deposits,
  • and toxic sulfuric gasses.

A field of snow blankets the area outside of the border zone, making it clear where the border is.

The interior of the Volcano is a maze of tunnels, with the final field boss stage being a giant flat floating arena at the center of the volcano with the volcano opening up top directly overhead. The dungeon boss sleeps in a cave directly below the floating arena at the bottom of the crater. The heat at the bottom of the crater is so intense from being so close to the magma chamber of the volcano that any normal Being would die and burn-up before even reaching the platform at the bottom of the crater.

Monster's Encountered Within