Flame Dragon Empress was the secret final boss of the Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain of the God ranked [Age of Gods] dungeon in the Atarakua Demon Empire.


First seen in Day 244.

Its meat is cooked and eaten in Day 251.

The wife of Flerve Ignatos, the Crimson Dragon Emperor. Powerful beyond measure, although it was defeated by Rou.

Abilities Learnt

Abilities learnt from eating it:

  • 【Heat Immunity】
  • 【Dragon Emperor's Explosive Roar】
  • 【Burning Dragon Blood】
  • 【Dragon Emperor's Inexhaustible Life Force】
  • 【Heat Absorption】
  • 【Lesser Summoning: Dragon】
  • 【Intermediate Summoning: Dragon】
  • 【Greater Summoning: Dragon】
  • 【Chief Guard of the Dungeon】