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Fimerotto is an evolved Ghoul that reaches level 100.

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First mentioned in Day 197. First seen in Day 198.

Leveling to Fimerotto her physical appearance and body structure have become more elegant. It is almost as if she has become a beautiful doll, looking like the daughter from a high class nobleman's family. She gained a living body armor that is akin to a clean white dress with high heel shoes.

List of Known FimerottosEdit

Gurufuku chan (Variant)


(God of Corrosion's Divine Protection] day 176

Nature of most member's opinions on Gurufu-chan. (Day 198) They aren't just bothered by her mentality, but also the fact that her race has the ability to corrode just about everything she comes into contact with unconsciously. Organic or inorganic, it doesn't matter.



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