First seen in Day 93 .

Found on a mountain path.

Description Edit

The average Falaise Eagle has brown feathers and is about two meters in size. The Span of its four wings is roughly four meters and it can secrete a paralyzing poison from its claws. The size alone is already enough to intimidate lesser opponents.

Ability Edit

  • Panic Voice
  • High-Speed Flight
  • Wind Reading
  • Paralysis Nails
  • Paralysis Resistance
  • Wing Growth

Sub-species Edit

It can generate a small tornado from its mouth, which can force weaker prey off of the cliffs to their demise. The tornado is also said to change form into a torrent of blades that chops up enemies

Appearance Edit

It seems that it's a large eagle with brown feathers and four wings

The average size of a Falaise Eagle is about two meters, and the span of its wings is roughly double that

Gallery Edit

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