Esseba, referred to as Father Elf by Rou, is the chairman of the "Round-Table Conference" that the head of 12 families living in the Elven Village set up to decide the future of their village. He's a considerably great Elf.


Esseba looks like a 68 years old man, and is described by Rou as a good-looking uncle.


Esseba is the 3rd and current head of the Failuo, the originators of the Rheinfall clan, which are primarily in charge of fighting.

Prior to Rou's birth, he ranked up into a High Elf after 100 years of training. He's currently 340 years old.

It's presumed that the Elite Elves under the supervision of Rou were attached to his clan, but he didn't pursue it after thinking about the risks of antagonizing Rou. To prevent unnecessary sacrifices and fighting, he kept it secret with a cover-up.

He knows that Rou loves to drink, so he tried to win him over as an ally by giving him alcohol as a present several times. He thinks that he may want to allow his daughter to marry Rou.



Mail Failo Rheinfall (Daughter)



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