First mentioned in Day 113. One of it's ranks first seen in Day 157. Some of them participated in the Holy War.

Kirika Empire's main military force. Along with the [Divine Priestess], said to be the equivalent to or greater than Sternbild Kingdom's Four Symbolic Heroes.

Known Members

  1. First Seat - ???
  2. Second Seat - 【Hero of Dark Cloud】 Cloudlass Blumaustos Gufustav, nicknamed as 【Cloud Hero】. A middle-aged man. The second rank seat. In possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. Has five companions.
  3. Third Seat - 【Hero of Thunder】 Artunel Bayard Rickenbar, nicknamed as 『Lightning Hero』. A beauty in male attire. The third rank seat. In possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. Has five companions.
  4. Fourth Seat - ???
  5. Fifth Seat - ???
  6. Sixth Seat - ???
  7. Seventh Seat - 【Shelled Insect Eiyuu (hero)】 Philip Muskes Eagesect, nicknamed as 『Insect Hero』. A juvenile male who missed going to the previous war. The seventh rank seat. Has countless number of subordinate 【Demon Insect】.
  8. Eighth Seat - ???

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