Earthy (アースティ) is the beloved daughter of Lionel, the Beast King. She was a former member of the 10 Fang Generals and is currently the Beast Queen.


First named Day 324. Earthy was the First Fang of the 10 Fang Generals of the Estgrand Beast Kingdom.

But after the death of her father in the Holy War she ranked up to Sovereign class (apparently, it's the ability of the Sovereign Psalm called Sovereign Succession). And became the Beast Queen after taking down some riots and uprisings.

Kichi paid her a visit with E Day 358 as a promise to Lionel.

He then beats her up to show her what the top is like and to give her an objective to attain.

She was left in a half-dead state (broken skeleton, busted up or twisted organs) with some recovery potion. Finally Kichi told her she would have to defeat him to take back her father's Sacred Treasure.