Dominaria ・ Gillman Lord Rider is the boss of the 25th floor of the 【Age of the Gods】dungeon 【Aquarium Forlia】.
Some Lord Gillman Riders were seen Day 209 on the 46th floor as mini-bosses.


It’s a Gillman of about 4 meters high with its entire body wrapped in a husk of silvery blue scales.

Its looks were sharp and well-featured with fish-like characteristics: on its cheeks, the top of its head and the back of its elbows are sharp fins with an indigo membrane. Its fat, long limbs have grown slender and well-proportioned. Webbing run between its fingers and toes, made up out of an indigo membrane like its fins. You can’t discern where its dark blue pupils are looking at.

It wields a 4-pronged spear colored in a sickening violet in its hand. All of its vital spots are naturally protected by barrel-formed scaled shells “Scale Armor”.

Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider is riding a carnivorous shell armored fish type name “Ragon”. This monster fish is over 7 meters long, like a whale.


Basically, distance attacks seem to be the main way of attacking, as Ragon attacks by sending out a tidal wave with his gigantic fin, or spitting out a water ball from his mouth, while the 4-pronged spear automatically returns to the owner’s hand after a throwing attack.

There’s also dash attack where Ragon comes out of the water at high speed and the spear is thrust at the opponent. Even though they can also perform short-range attacks, their frequency is extremely low.

He can summons “Gillman Knights”.

He has the skill 【Spear Master】 which makes him an expert in wielding spears.


His spear is a magic item that has 4 abilities corresponding to the total number of spearheads -- 【Automatic Return】、【Deadly Fish Poison】、【Mental Contamination】、【Physical Contamination】 -- it does wonderful damage even if you get grazed by it.

Acquired abilities

  • 【Skilled Water Beast Rider】 by clearing the condition 【Solo Kill】
  • 【Hard Scales Generation】
  • 【Intermediate Summoning: Fishman】