The boss of the 25th floor of the Aquarium Forlia dungeon, a [Demigod] ranked  [Age of the Gods] dungeon.

First seen day 204.


It’s a Gillman of about 4 meters high with its entire body wrapped in a husk of silvery blue scales.

Its looks were sharp and well-featured with fish-like characteristics: on its cheeks, the top of its head and the back of its elbows were sharp fins with an indigo membrane. Its fat, long limbs have grown slender and well-proportioned. Webbing ran between its fingers and toes, made up out of an indigo membrane like its fins. You can’t discern where its dark blue pupils are looking at.

It wielded a 4-pronged spear colored in a sickening violet in its hand. All of its vital spots were naturally protected by barrel-formed scaled shells “Scale Armor”.

Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider is riding a carnivorous shell armored fish type name “Ragon”. This monster fish was over 7 meters long, like a whale.

Abilities and techniques

Basically, distance attacks seem to be the main way of attacking, as Ragon attacks by sending out a tidal wave with his gigantic fin, or spitting out a water ball from his mouth, while the 4-pronged spear automatically returns to the owner’s hand after a throwing attack.

There’s also dash attack where Ragon comes out of the water at high speed and the spear is thrust at me. Even though they can also perform short-range attacks, their frequency was extremely low.

He can summons “Gillman Knights”.

He has the skill 【Spear Master】 which makes him an expert in wielding spears.


His spear is a magic item that has 4 abilities corresponding to the total number of spearheads -- 【Automatic Return】、【Deadly Fish Poison】、【Mental Contamination】、【Physical Contamination】 -- it does wonderful damage even if you get grazed by it.

Acquired abilities

  • Skilled Water Beast Rider by clearing the condition [Solo Kill]
  • Hard Scales Generation
  • Intermediate Summoning: Fishman


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