Dhampir is one of the next evolution right after a hobgoblin reaches level 100.

Alternative Names:

  • ダムピール
  • 半吸血鬼
  • Variant (亜種)(バリアント)



Strength D+ Endurance D- Agility C Magic C- Luck E- Intelligence D+


Strength C- Endurance D Agility C+ Magic C Luck E Intelligence C-



【Bewitching Demon Eyes】 Exactly that.

【Kin of the Night】 Abilities rise during the night and in the dark. Conversely it becomes weak during the day. The unskilled will die.

【Bloodsucking】 Make followers by sucking their blood.

【Overpowering Domination】 Control those of a lower existence.

And various others.


【God's Divine Protection】 The name change depending of the blessing of the God. Is possible for it to be a Demigod's. All species can obtain it with a few exceptions.

【Sunlight Subjugation】 Is possible to act without problem during the day with the protection of a God. Although unlike the Vampires a Dhampir can act during the day in the frist place, now it can use all it's power.

【Magic Barrier - Weak】 A magic barrier can be created. However because of bad fuel efficiency is no user-friendly.

【Fast Regeneration】 Exactly that.

Rank Up (存在進化)

List of Known Dhampir

  • Mi (variant)
  • 1 former slave of the Kirika Empire's army


Dhampir usually have a different type of height and body frame, but the same characteristic that every Vampire or Dhampir may share is their silver hair and red eyes with golden pupils traits.


 Average Size: Between 160-180 centimetres.
 Standard Skin Color: Palid.


 Average Size: Between 160-180 centimetres.
 Standard Skin Color: Change depending of the Divine Protection received.



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