Day 97

Day 97

Today, I'm guided by Redhead through the city. We went to a building complex that she referred to as, the [Central Guild Government Building]. Those with me at present are Dhammi-chan and Redhead.

Blacksmith-san had come in to the city as well, but is exploring the city with a Lord and three others as escorts. She said that she planned to sell some of our lower quality items to gain some funds to shop with tomorrow. I'll say this once, the [Central Guild Government Building] is a pretty big, respectable facility to be certain.

It seemed to be a 3-floored building from the outside. The first floor was mostly comprised of a tavern theme with multiple locations for drinking liquor throughout the floor.

I have to say that if it wasn't for Redhead giving me a light nudge on the arm, I might have gotten distracted. I really like alcohol after all, so even if I stayed here drinking for the entire day, I probably wouldn't have minded.

At any rate, there were several individuals who pulled their swords on me in surprise the moment that I pulled down my hood, and I had to actively repress my instinct to counter. For them, holding their swords out is a pretty legitimate defensive measure to calm themselves. Indeed, killing in the city might be a bad idea, though when one of them made a go at me, I gave the lightest brush at them as I possibly could.

Judging from the way his arm bent, it was probably broken. Nothing to be done. It was either that or take a sword-point in the eye. The receptionist seemed to be more of a calmed figure than the others standing in the lobby. I looked through a list of quests that required hunting animals in the surrounding area; there were several of these missions. 

I pulled the necessary items from my item box and handed them over the counter. The missions were pretty simple, such as gathering several Boruforu hides. While I was at it, I made a request to have Redhead registered as a member of the guild within this city. While that was in progress I went to gather the rewards for the several quests that I had already completed.

I also wanted to gather more information and gold from selling some random goods. One of the rewards I received was pretty dull, though for an adventurer of moderate levels such as Redhead, it could have proven to be useful. I ended up meeting an interesting old man who was quite knowledgeable. As it turns out, he was responsible for much of the guild's dealings.

As I continued my conversation with the old man, Redhead walked up and informed me that her current rank in this guild was one higher than it had been in her previous guild. Satisfactory, given her current abilities; it matches her quite fittingly. 

Well, I wonder how Blacksmith-san has fared. Well, in all it doesn't have too much to do with me. After a while in the town, we met up with Alchemist-san's group, so I decided to have a small date with the Redhead and Alchemist-san while shopping. Although I really don't get why shopping has such a significance with women or why they needed to shop for so long. Though its fair to say that this is a common occurrence with both world's I have been a part of. I was tired after several hours of constant shopping, and I would have ended up holding everything if it wasn't for my item box. 

By the way, there was a fellow that had been following me for some time, so I had the girls go on ahead while I walked down an alleyway. There, he made his attack, though I left him pummeled on the ground with one swing. I stripped him completely naked - think of it as a fitting punishment instead of me just simply killing him flat out.

That said, I really wonder what I can do to prevent people from noticing me.

I trained lightly with Dhammi-chan and Redhead after we returned and then went to sleep.

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