Day 96

Day 96

We arrived at Fortress City, ≪Trient≫, around noon. It was a large city surrounded by large, robust white walls. It would be very difficult to take down this fortress given that even siege weaponry have been built into the walls of the city.

As I was thinking about that, there seems to have been a large commotion around us. It's probably because of myself, being a Black Ogre, accompanied with both Kumajirou and Kurosaburou

It seems like I may not even be able to set a foot into the city... It's safe to say that the current situation might even turn into a dire situation... But just then, the Deputy Manager arrived and forced the guards to allow me entry. It goes to show that the Deputy Manager is actually pretty influential in this region.

To show my gratitude, I agreed to sell some of my Turtle Snake shells pretty cheaply to him. Anyway, I decided it might be best to hide my body in a cloak, even though it couldn't hide my horns, but at least I make less of a scene now..

Humans made up the majority of the population within the Fortress City, though I did see some members of different beast races and some subhuman races as well. I'd have to say that the human to non-human ratio is around 6:1.

The city was all in all very lively; the shops were aligned on the main street; cheerful sounds and laughter of children resounded through the street; lights came from different buildings, and the over all spirit was nice.

There are certainly dark aspects in this city as well, but for the most part, it's a city that you can enjoy.

I visited various shops after entering the town, and later in the day, I went to look for an inn to spend the night. Today was quite busy.

I plan to stay at this city for four or five days.

I also told the human girls that they could either come with me or stay here in the city when I left, and that I would respect their decision either way.

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