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Day 95Edit

Up the rain poured down all day yesterday, in progress now muddy road. However, a growing

number of members who did not stay until now.

Farnesyl and mail firm of defense city Trient branch deputy manager line that relationship

has improved in the rest area, is a group of adventurers who are its escort.

In easy to say when the plump of bald middle-aged men to understand about the deputy

manager, it's the person who was to go with the goods to me yesterday of gambling. In

inveterate gambler, and told me that he would have to occasionally collateral products.

Although such as deputy manager was wondering whether Tsutomaru of in such of, gambling

mad to say even that it's a undisputed talent otherwise. In fact, it's so's a top as ability than the

current manager.

Hey, and it is thought, but he cares so well does not matter is not a villain.

Unlike skeleton centipede, became the movement speed is slower than ever before because

there are sail carriage that need a break, it was time beneficial since the situation in this world

was able to out many things to hear.

In the story, an example of the princess was healed successfully in the nostrum that the next

emperor brought back, talk to say came out.

It is a case of "Kurishindo disease" is healed for the first time, a few drops remaining elixir are

Kirika Empire and the Sternbild Kingdom of the analysis, there is also a rumor that story.

Was not really used elixir's're gone pyrophoric not remain already drop, but it was decided to

keep quiet.

And would not be attacked again elf, I was found to that. Been situation becomes unstable

between nations, it is because if not there is soon war, and talk like has become many.

It is to say that can not afford to dabble in Elf.

Other than talk today, without incident the day gave me.

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