Day 94

Day 94

It started raining pretty heavily today. Because the rain and wind started making our travels pretty difficult, I decided it was best to stop somewhere. Luckily, after only a short while of trudging in the rain, I noticed a 'Rest Station' 30 meters off the side of the road. We pulled up and left the carriages outside as we went in. A group of peddlers who had entered before us and a party of average-looking adventurers appeared frightened the moment they saw me enter. They were emitting quite a bit of blood lust, so I took out two barrels of sake that ended up being passed around to everyone that was there.

That disarmed the situation for the time being. I sold the materials we had gained since we started our journey, such as the Turtle Snake shells and some personal effects that had been looted from the corpses of the adventurers in the mountain. I also took part in a small bit of trading as well.

At first, the humans were still quite frightened of me, but after Blacksmith-san walked in, they gradually calmed down and opened up. Later, a human and a beast who entered the Rest Station were surprised by my existence, but ended up not attacking because they felt the atmosphere was enough to judge that I wasn't dangerous. I could have eaten them if they decided to fight me. It's almost a shame they didn't. Around noon, the Sisters had prepared lunch with some of the other humans of our convoy. We were invited to gamble after we finished eating, and I decided to participate because I had the time. Winning some extra gold never hurt either.

The game they were playing was similar to blackjack. After a brief description of the rules, I decided I would play with the money I looted from back at the mountain. The results ended in a total victory on my part. This is, in part, due to my [Golden Rule] and my [Luck]. The merchants continued to play until I had literally stripped them bare. After I sorted through all of my winnings, I returned some articles and their clothing since I was only interested in some of the items that I had won.

I didn't return their money or the supplies, but it didn't feel right to see a naked man standing in front of me. There was also a sort of guilty feeling there, since using my abilities in a gambling match was kind of like cheating.

I spent most of the day at the rest station because the rain didn't seem like it was going to let up. I probably would have been able to keep going with the Skeleton Horses since the carriage has a roof installed, but I thought it was best to wait until the rain stopped since there wasn't any hurry.

I practiced some combat [Arts] and battle styles with Dhammi-chan and Redhead in a corner of the Rest Station to kill some time. Though they seemed to have found their own unique fighting styles, their attacks are a bit plain, and they tend to rely too much on their natural skills. Therefore, I think they need to train more.

So for the time being, I decided to give a lecture about the necessity of learning how to refine their skills. After that, I decided to practice with some of my own abilities, such as [Wind Demon's Gale] and [Burning Demon's Flame].

Thanks to my knowledge from my previous life, I remember all of the martial arts that I had been taught, and with the [Arts] skill, teaching them should not be too difficult.

During my practice with Dhammi-chan and Redhead, some of the adventurers were watching us and suddenly walked up and wanted to join in on the lesson. Among them, there were several individuals with either [Job-Boxer], [Job-Swordsman], and/or [Job-Warrior]. I pulled out some wooden spears and wooden swords from my item box and handed them over to the new group.

Although I tried my best to hold back to my bare minimum, and even though I was against an entire crowd, I suppose I was just too strong for them. After several minutes, most of them were lying on the ground, unconscious. It was a good exercise, but a bit too short. After that, everyone left and went about their business.

I wonder why...

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