Day 90

Day 90

Today is finally the day of departure.

I produced some more Black Skeleton Knights, several dozen or so. At the moment, there's roughly 100 Black Skeletons within the cave. So as long as an army doesn't come through, the people that are staying behind combined with my Skeletons should be able to deal with any number of threats.

I've already seen to it that a list of tasks that needs to be taken care of has been left behind and set half of the Skeletons under joint command under several of the high leveled Hobgoblins that are staying behind. Just because I'm gone doesn't mean that the settlement's development grinds to halt after all.

As for the Elves, a deep rooted friendship has been forged through the fires of war, as well as the sharing of the hot spring, which has become a popular attraction that many elves visit each day for a modest sum. Food is also available for a price as well. Just the operation of the hot spring was left to a handful of Hobgoblins. Its not a hard task so there's not much to worry about.

It's fine to keep a habit of being overly prepared and thorough.

For the first time in my new life, I will advance out of the forest.

The Grassland and the gusts of wind that lies before us in the open plains was a welcomed sight. I greeted it gladly.

Before us, stands an unknown world.

Our target is the fortress city of ≪Trient≫ of the Sternbild Kingdom!

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