Day 89

Day 89

Tomorrow, for the first time we will set out from the forest in five groups.

There are many reasons like gaining new experiences, collecting information, etc. But the biggest reason is that the efficiency of gaining Experience Values in this forest isn't sufficient for us anymore.

Of course there are many who are staying behind, so there's no worry of our base getting occupied.

Each group has ten members, excluding the familiars.

The members are as follows.

The first group: me, Dhammi-chan, Redhead and the other four human girls, and three lords.

The second group: Ogakichi-kun, Asue-chan, a hobgoblin cleric, three humans and four kobold footmen.

The third group: Burasato-san, Supesei-san, three elves, a human, three hobgoblins and a hobgoblin cleric.

The fourth group: two ogres, a hobgoblin mage, two war tigers, two dragonewts, and three humans.

The fifth group: Dodome-chan, five ogres, two humans, a kobold ninja, and a centaur.

I put humans in all the groups because the human race is the most widely active in this world, so with their presence we'll be able to avoid most of the useless racial discrimination-related conflicts. 

I didn't really put much thought in it when I selected the newcomers, but they misunderstood and thought that this is the official entrance exam, and since they seemed in really high spirits, I didn't interfere.

Seiji-kun, Female Knight, and Rusty Iron Knight are staying behind this time, I'm thinking of looking for mercenary jobs outside to send them on instead.

That aside, today is the day before the departure, so I invited Father Elf to the hot springs. The guests-section hot springs aren't located inside the base, but some distance away. The reason is to make it easy for elves to enter and leave. Also, its location is easy to defend and it has the minimum required defense ability in this forest.

Father Elf's reaction was good, soaking his body to the shoulder comfortably while putting a towel on his head. When I asked him to advertise the hot springs, he agreed, I also told him about the bathing fees and rules while I'm at it.

After bathing, some high quality food made by goblin cooks taught by the Sisters was served. It was quite delicious, the elves were satisfied with it.

Father Elf brought some elven wine with him, so we used the external training grounds to start a party. We set up a campfire, then danced and sang till late in the evening.

I even saw some of the newcomers who started mixing in after living here for the past few days dancing together with their seniors. This is a good trend.

While looking at this sight, I continued drinking together with Father Elf. I can even call him my drinking friend now.