Day 89

Day 89

Tomorrow is the set date that the six of us are supposed to head out on our first trip.

As an added bonus, we can gain experience on the way as we gather as much information about the surrounding areas as we can. But, I have to admit, the biggest reason by far for this trip is because the quality of experience to be gained in this forest has become pitiful as of late.

All that there is to worry about is the destination and possible detection from potential hostile forces. I don't need to worry about being attacked or hijacked, but it would be troublesome if the cart were damaged on the way there.

Of course, I won't be going with just the human girls this time around. Each group will be roughly 5 to 10 people, excluding the familiars of course.

The members are as follows:

The first group is myself, Dhammi-chan, Redhead and the other Human girls, and three Lords.

The second group has Ogakichi-kun, Asue-chan, one Hobgoblin Cleric, three Humans and four Kobold Footmen.

The third group has Burasato, Supesei-san, three Elves, one Human, three Hobgoblins and one Hobgoblin Cleric.

The fourth group has two Ogres, one Hobgoblin mage, two Tigermen, two Dragonewts, and three Humans.

The fifth group has Dodome-chan, five Ogres, two Humans, the Kobold Samurai, and one Centaur.

The choice in personnel was carefully chosen to avoid any conflicts on the way to our destination. 

At first, there was minor hesitation to bring along the newcomers after the commotion they had caused several days ago, but after being put through my various methods of ... rehabilitation and... explanation of the hierarchy... I'm sure there wont be any further issues involving them in the near future. 

The leader of the newcomer's group was decided by them. Although it seemed to almost be an arbitrary decision on their part, it was for the purpose of not personally choosing a leader. By letting them choose, it makes the person they are following someone they supported, and thus makes them less likely to stir up trouble.

It seems that the next generation might be born before this venture is completed.

Well, that aside. Today is the day before the departure, and I felt like relaxing for awhile. I invited Father Elf to join me at the hot spring.

I took him to the guest section and not the ones inside the cave, I have to keep the image of the hot spring to be similar to everyone. Not that there was that great of a difference, but I wanted to gain extra publicity from this venture.

Father Elf's reaction and overall experience was good, he apparently plans to spread the word of the hot spring to several of his noble friends.

Of course, as an added bonus, some high quality food was also served, courtesy of the Sisters. It was well presented and delicious. I think it's one of my more favorite dishes.

The party was full of laughter and was fully satisfying, especially once I brought out the barrels of Elven wine. Suddenly it became a banquet. Since we had used the external training grounds, we set up a campfire and danced till late in the evening.

The newcomers and the veterans alike gathered around and celebrated a good time, its a good sight to see.

While taking in this sight, I raise my glass to Father Elf,

"Cheers to a good friendship."

With this we drink once more, soon Father Elf departs with an escort I provided, just to ensure our benefactor returns safely during the night, he had consumed nearly as much alcohol as myself. After seeing him off, we set out to clean the area now that the festivities are through with.

Soon I found myself returning to my chamber and falling asleep.

It's been a good day.

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