Day 87

Day 87

For awhile now today, Asue-chan has been mining, a majority of her time was all in the effort of recovering two gigantic Spirit Stones. Just now, I received a report that she had finally succeeded in freeing them.

Now, more or less a majority of the Spirit Stones have been depleted from the cave. Originally, there was such a variety and quantity of stones within the rocks because of the close proximity to Velvet's Dungeon and the high level of magical density within it. After the death of Velvet and the death of the administrator of the dungeon, there wont be a great deal of Spirit Stones that will find their home within our mines often anymore.

Normally, Spirit Stones are a renewable resource.

Unfortunately, since we've 'conquered' the dungeon, the stones are no longer purified by the magical density. So once we exhausted the Spirits within the stones, the energy ends there and is destroyed permanently.

However, for the moment, due to Asue-chan's efforts, we have managed to extract an awe-striking quantity of all varieties of Spirit Stones. Because of this, I think we can turn down the mining efforts for now.

All of these stones represented a tremendous level of profits to be had in sales and production of magical weaponry.

After brushing away a slight moment of unrelenting greed, I proceeded to consume several of the smaller stones as well as part of one of the gigantic ones. My reasoning was that I had yet to consume these types yet.

Ability learned: 【Photon Ruler】

Ability learned: 【Photon Tolerance】

Ability learned: 【Gravity Law】

Ability learned: 【Darkness Tolerance】

Ahhh, so the names of these two massive stones were the "Light Precision Stone" and "The Seminal Stone of Darkness". Each holding a purity, size and beauty unmatched by any other stones we had yet uncovered.

When I had consumed part of the Seminal stone, my throat felt as if it were a Black Hole. The energies released were intense to say the least. At first I complained because the name "Seminal Stone of Darkness" implied nothing of gravity. I suppose an ability is an ability. I'll have to experiment with it during the training session later today. 

After thanking Asue-chan for her hard work, I set out on my usual tasks of overseeing the renovation of our settlement. Seeing that everything has been proceeding according to plan, I made the decision to make preparations to set out. Since I had promised Redhead I'd take her to a large human settlement, I decided I would bring her with me when I set out. The first thing I needed to do was secure a horse-drawn carriage, that much is essential. I could normally use one of my familiars, but the effect on human civilians might be an undesirable one so I decided against it.

Ah right, first things first, the mass production of Black Skeletons for the daily training sessions. If I am gone for a good amount of time, there needs to be adequate replacements for training in the case that the Skeletons are destroyed.

First, gather the necessary quantity of bones.

Second, construct it's appearance and general form.

Third, form the general appearance and resistances.

Fourth, create the armor and weapon it will use.

After completing this task several dozen times, it was already evening.

After a nice dinner of rice and meat, I called Redhead, Blacksmith-san, the Sisters, and Alchemist-san together. I informed them that within the next few days I planned to escort them to a large human settlement.

They brought up some concerns that the humans might try to expel us due to my appearance. There might also be some who remembered me from the battlefield and would create a scene I suppose. But at the moment, that was the extent of our conversation. I still plan to depart within the next few days regardless of what awaits.

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