Day 85

Day 85

Today's main goal is to increase our efficiency in gathering and processing our food supply.

Dryad-chan came by and helped by manipulating the seeds that I had collected from the forest into various new species of plants using her magic. The effect Dryad-chan's magic had on the seeds was that the vitality, growth of the plant and the taste of the product were all better. I also used Spirit Stones to further this effect.

Thus, today's training will be physical labor in the form of plowing a field for the new farm.

As farming is related to Redhead's [Job-Farmer], I gave her control of this operation and transferred various workers under her instruction.

I enjoyed working up a sweat today. Sometimes manual labor isn't all that terrible.

Today's Synthesis results:

【Armored Scale Charge】 + 【Armored Dragon Scale Formation】 = 【Solid Armored Dragon Scales】

【Improved Slashing Power】 + 【Improved Piercing Power】 = 【Improved Slashing Penetration】

【Quick Thinking】 + 【Parallel Thinking】 = 【Faster Parallel Thinking】

After all the Labor for today coupled with several experiments with [Synthesis], I found myself very tired all of a sudden and fell asleep sitting up in my chambers.

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