Day 85

Day 85

In order to raise our self-sufficiency in securing food supply, I decided to construct a farm today.

Thus, today's training will be physical exercise in the form of plowing a field for the new farm.

The seeds used are magically-enhanced seeds that I received from Dryad-san yesterday. The effect of Dryad-chan's magic improves the plants' vitality, growth rate, in addition to the products' taste and nutritional value. We're also using spirit stones to further these effects.

As Redhead and some of the human slaves had experience with farming and has the Job [Farmer], I left the management of the process in their hands.

I worked up some sweat today, healthy labour is sometimes good.

Today's synthesis results:

[Armored Scale Charge] + [Armored Dragon Scale Formation] = [Solid Armored Dragon Scales]

[Improved Slashing Power] + [Improved Piercing Power] = [Improved Slashing Penetration]

[Quick Thinking] + [Parallel Thinking] = [High-Speed Parallel Thinking]