Day 84

Day 84

This morning, I woke up to the sound of someone calling me.

I got up from the bed and went outside my room, only to find the dwarves holding an elaborately crafted war-hammer made of mithril, spirit stones and iron.

Shortly after I left my room, the head-smith handed it to me.

According to them, it seems like dwarves have a custom of crafting and gifting a war-hammer as a sign of gratitude or friendship, and the better its quality, meant the deeper the feelings are. They added that a war-hammer with the quality of the one they gifted me means that the feelings of gratitude are at their zenith.

Hearing their explanation, I nodded and received the war-hammer while thinking inwardly that I prefer long-range weapons.

Even so, as I haven't obtained their specific language ability yet, talking to the dwarves is a little troublesome because some words hold differing meanings.

After the morning training, I left to the woods, solo.

In this forest, there isn't anything that I can't kill anymore, which made me feel lonely for some reason.

In the days shortly after I was born, I had to constantly be on alert, but now if I don't conceal my presence, all the creatures nearby will run away. Although not a long time has passed since that time, now I feel somewhat nostalgic when remembering those days filled with danger.

After walking for some time, I arrived at the base of the tree where I met Dryad-san before. I have been talking with her regularly using my clones, but since I had some business with her today, I came in person.

Dryad-san was breath-takingly beautiful as always.

The instant she saw me, she tried to seduce me, but as the reason why I visited her is to only collect the special seeds I asked her to prepare beforehand, I controlled myself and asked her for them. After I received them, we spent some time together, then I returned to the base.

Later in the night, I had some fun with the girls as usual.

By the way, today, I discovered that the stomachs of some of the human slaves has begun to swell. 

I'm looking forward to when the children are born.