Day 84

Day 84

This morning, I woke up to someone calling my name.

I got up from bed and followed the person calling for me to Blacksmith-san's workshop. It is very early in the morning so not many are awake yet. When I got to the room there, in front of me was a pile of items such as mithril, spirit stones and steel. In the corner, there was where I saw it. A single War-hammer, with the Dwarves hovering around it. Upon investigating it, the work was of a more basic design, but the effectiveness of it was certainly above average. 

After finishing my examination, I passed it back to the Dwarves.

I did this as a sign of gratitude and friendship to the Dwarves, this action represented me bestowing something that they found worthy for me to wield back on to them, for me seeing them as worthy members of the settlement. For this there could be no greater act of kindness to a dwarf. To me though, I may have kept it if it was a higher quality, but for something such as that, it is best to remain in the hands of a race that commonly uses war-hammers, unlike myself. Of course, after seeing their reactions, I decided to keep this thought to myself.

After giving my thanks for their hard work, I looked over some of their other creations. There was a sword that I found to be of considerable quality that the Dwarves called [Wazamono] (Swift Cutting Blade). Now something like this, you can appreciate.

Even so, conversation with the Dwarves is a little bit sketchy and cumbersome, each of them seems to use a different dialect which makes communication quite difficult. Though, that's not to say I couldn't manage a conversation, I've always been pretty good with languages.

After the normal morning training, I decided to take a trip through the woods, solo.

A forest where there are no more threats and no more chances to fight for my own survival made my heart feel almost empty inside. Like there was a hole in my very being that I could no longer fill.

The days where I was constantly on alert, hunting through the woods with joy, searching for new and interesting things seems so distant, though it has only been about a month since then. Now those nostalgic days with danger have passed, and I am left here, riding on my faithful companion Kumajirou.

Of the number of places I've traveled to so far, I eventually arrived at the Dryad's grotto. I had made brief conversations using my clones because I was always so busy, but today, I came in person.

As usual, Dryad-chan was breath-takingly beautiful. Although I was deeply taken in by her invitation, time was pretty short and I had errands to finish. After I finished collecting the materials that i needed. I spent a little more than an hour... getting reacquainted with Dryad-chan...

Well... I did say I was only going to spend an hour, but an hour turned into two, which turned into 6...

Eventually my stomach got the better of me, and I bid my farewell.

Today, I discovered that the stomach of one of the humans I spent time with has begun to swell. 

Well, at this rate, it seems my first child is on it's way.

This is pleasing.

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