Day 83

Day 83

Today's morning started off with some training, I decided that I wanted to test out my newly synthesized abilities.

To confirm the affects of the abilities, I decided to take on 23 of the newcomers by myself. I chose the members so that even if I used too much power, there wasn't a risk of an accidental death.

The newcomers that I decided to allow into our ranks:

2 "Lords"

5 "Half Lords"

4 "Drago-Newts"

6 "Half Drago-Newts"

1 "Troll"

1 "Dullahan"

1 "Ape Man"

1 "Dhampir"

2 Tigermen

More or less because they had already fought together on the battlefield, their cooperation with each other was pretty good. That said, the decadence caused by their reliance on the Kirika Empire's technology is easily noticeable. Although they have speed, there is too much wasted movement. It's far too easy to read the flow of their movements. Even though I say this, it's not like I didn't get out of it without any damage. There was some minor impacts and the sort but nothing that wasn't recovered immediately by my recovery abilities. After lunch, we paired up, and it became some good training.

Without my abilities activated, I have to admit that handling five of them would have been troublesome. They are quite strong after all. However, I still can't risk testing out my [Demise] Magic on anyone, the sheer power is still far too dangerous and it's almost certain that anyone besides Ogakichi-kun would perish if they were hit by it. Even Ogakichi-kun might not survive if he takes it head on.

That afternoon, I decided to oversee the many improvement projects around our settlement. The preparation of the public hot springs is progressing steadily. Since the war between the Elves and the Humans has settled down, I can finally start using the human slaves for tasks other than war fodder.

...So many possibilities.

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