Day 82

Day 82

As I have found out the hard way, the cost for using [Synthesis] is quite taxing on the body, both physically and mentally. As a result of my using [Synthesis] yesterday, I found myself falling asleep in the workshop only to be woken up by a very nervous Goblin.

Afterwards I decided to test [Synthesis] further on the orb. In case I risk losing the abilities, I suppose I'll use some of my pointless abilities such as [Minor Damage in Light]  and [Sunlight Vulnerability]. Hmm, it seems the weaker the abilities I transfer, the less of a cost I need to pay to complete the process. It seems that the process wasn't a failure. From what I can tell, the process of [Synthesis] leaves whatever abilities that I imbue objects with is irreversible. For now, I think I'll leave the experiments at that until later.

It's still unclear to me as to how the process of [Synthesis] works after my Rebirth. All I can be sure of is that this was an ability I had in my previous life. So far from what I can see, the [Minor Damage in Light] was still present. I had tested this by sticking my finger out in the sunlight when trying to activate the ability. Surely enough, it started to burn slightly.

Yeah, getting sun burnt as if I had a human body did have its funny side. The two abilities were also synthesized into the orb, but have not disappeared. Though even though this has worked, I can't be totally sure of the cost to activate the abilities I imbue objects with, nor the number of abilities I can put into a single object at one time. Well, for now, confirmation that I won't lose the abilities I synthesize into objects is fine. That doesn't mean I won't use caution in my future experiments though.

Today, I decided to leave the training of the newcomers to Ogakichi-kun. I really do enjoy the hot springs and I decided to go with Asue-chan and some of the other girls to relax for awhile. Our current number of man slaves numbers at sixty-two people, adding on to the near countless number of Black Skeleton Knights I can produce, we have a large number of expendable forces. At the same time, I decided to use these people and my own Skeletons to set out to make improvements to this settlement. From building new beds and clothing, to building equipment for the training center and a wooden wall to aid in the defense should enemy forces find their way here and surround the settlement. We've also set out to vastly expand the hot spring to earn gold from Elven tourists. There were other minor things that I won't even bother mentioning though.

The Elves seem to enjoy the hot spring as much as we do. You should have seen their reaction when they discovered we had uncovered a hot spring. The rumor apparently got to even Father Elf now, who visited and requested access to the hot spring. I foresee the hot spring becoming a very profitable venture.

Today's synthetic results.

【Dragon Scale Formation】 + 【Armored Scale Formation】 = 【Armored Dragon Scale Formation】

【Predict】 + 【Expanded Field of Vision】 = 【Ephemeral Eye】

【Pump Up】 + 【Lord of the Mountain's Strong Muscles】 + 【Enhanced Physical Strength】 + 【Enhanced Leg Strength】 + 【Improved Jumping Power】=【Black Ogre's Strong Body】

【Intimidating Roar】 + 【Scaled Horse's Neigh】 = 【Black Ogre's Roar】

【Evil Eye】+【Intimidating Glare】=【Black Ogre's Evil Eye】

【Lesser Damage Reduction】 + 【Lesser Magic Damage Reduction】 = 【Lesser Physical and Magical Damage Reduction】

【Inhibit Regeneration】 + 【Cursed Wounds】 = 【Unhealing Cursed Wound】

Sigh, since the effects of Synthesis is extremely draining, today's experiments ends here.

【Gurufu's POV: 81st Day】 == Day 82 == Day 83

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