Day 79

Day 79

Today I received word from Father Elf via the transmission device I had left with him. Apparently he needed to speak with me, since I was already training with Redhead and the Female Knight, I decided to take them with me as guards.  The others were engaged between training, hunting and studying. I straddled Redhead on Kumajirou with myself and Female Knight rode atop Kurosaburou, together we went to the [Elven village].

Since I left almost immediately, there wasn't much of a risk for an information leak, and as I thought, no problems arose on the way there. Upon arrival I received some ill-looks from an Elf who was tending to the livestock. When I glared back at him he averted his eyes.

Well, by the time we arrived at Father Elf's mansion, I more or less let the irritating glares go. More or less nothing was said until the tea was served, though some sort of coco drink was provided for Redhead and Female Knight. Both of them were looking around the room with curiosity, it was their first time in an Elven village and after all, they are both humans.

They weren't doing anything rude or obnoxious so I let it pass.

Ah, the alcohol here is wonderful. After a drink I noticed that the Elf Maiden was behind Father Elf this time around.

We began with a minor discussion about the current progression of the conflicts while the Elf Maiden began pouring alcohol for the both of us. Naturally I drank the whole of it. The overall mood of the scene became merry.

After a brief while, after the setting had turned less grim and a bit of light chatting had been completed, we moved onto the main subject at hand. Apparently Father Elf is next in line to become the Lord of the village. He began by broaching the topic of the Human force's main assault force, and how to begin the attack with a combined effort of us at the Vanguard and supported by the full Elvish force. The reason for this is that this apparent 'Main force' is closing in on the Elvish village and would have the village surrounded within several days. Well, given that a prolonged war is not desired by either side, I can see the reasoning of this move.

Well, given our recent actions, I can see why the enemy is moving quickly for the kill. This situation is certainly not amusing for them. If the village is lost then the Elves will be taken advantage of, not that the troubles of the Elves specifically bothers me, but there is always the risk of dealing with stiff competition in the future should the forest be added to the control of the Sternbild Kingdom or the Kirika Empire. After the sheer quantity of soldiers we've managed to slay over the past week or so, I can only imagine the call for peace for both human nations involved. After such losses they will surely want to come to a swift conclusion to lick their wounds. Likewise the Elves want a swift end to this conflict, the war was never too popular and now that the entire village is at risk, the discontent is quickly becoming obvious.

Well, we are mercenaries after all, the requests of the employer cannot simply be disregarded. Father Elf made it clear that making this stiff request would not come freely and has ensured a substantial remuneration will be provided for our defense of his people. Even though he says that, I am not very keen to meet the full brunt of the human army head on. That is exactly what I have been avoiding with our guerrilla tactics. Seeing as there isn't much room for debate on this matter as time is short, we begin our plans. I was able to obtain the permission to hand over the elixir should I deem the situation called for it.

After an extensive discussion and planning, my party began preparations to return. I spoke to Female Knight on the way back to discuss the matter of the elixir I had in my possession. If worse comes to worst, I can use her as a diplomat to negotiate peace between the two conflicting parties. I could prepare the elixir from my blood and send it off to the kingdom to cure the princess and end the conflict. It certainly is not a terrible idea, gaining the favor of the Kingdom while having the Elves owe me an extensive debt that I could call upon at a later date. Since the Female Knight was the daughter of a noble, she would work well as a diplomat in the Kingdom's capital city, while an Ogre walking into town might not be the best idea.

I contemplate this idea as we progress.

Its a troublesome thing to think about, especially since we hold a substantial quantity of the Kingdom's forces as slaves. Humans are highly religious and what we have done is apparently against their religion. It is said that the current reigning queen is a strong believer in [Faith of the Five Supreme Gods] which is the currently the world's largest standing religion.  It will be troublesome to negotiate with such people, and in the end the proposal that I would bring the medicine was rejected. Overall there was room for negotiation left, but as I began to consider the merits of handing over the elixir and the battle, the more I began to favor the prospect of negotiation after a decisive conflict. 

With that over, I began to prepare for tomorrow's decisive battle.

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