Day 78

Day 78

The Hind Bear, Kumajirou, and the Black Wolf Leader, Kurosaburou, both ranked up today.

Kumajiro had grown larger than a Red Bear, with his grey fur becoming darker and a sharp horn 50cm long made of obsidian had sprouted from his forehead; he was no longer a Hind Bear, but rather a "Demon Bear (Oniguma)".

As Kurosaburo became as big as a warhorse, he could give me a ride now. Flames tinged with lightning leaked from his mouth with every breath and he has two heads with two separate minds, so he’s no longer called a Black Wolf, but instead an Orthrus.

To find out the improved specs of the two of them, Ogakichi-kun, myself, and others in the Ogre class, and me ―― in short, those of us who’d ranked up twice ―― us 6 along with our ≪Familiars≫, a total of only 13 fighters, attacked the human army.

The reason we went with a select few was for the sake of leveling up.

Recently, our main purpose has been to increase our levels. It was hard to do so, since we needed more EXP and we received less EXP with more comrades around.

There’s no problem in raising the overall strength of everyone, but in the end, one can only depend on themselves. As long as I'm weak, there will be things I cannot protect.

That’s why I wanted to kill some things around here and level up.

I left the base to the 5 former slave goblins, who looked like they would rank up soon, and Hobuji-kun, who recently improved his cleric abilities greatly. On top of that, I also decided to entrust it to Rusty Iron Knight, who is acting as Redhead’s instructor and Female Knight who said, "I pledged my sword of loyalty to you, and not the Sternbild Kingdom, I want to be yours"; as well as some others.

Just in case, I also left three of my clones behind, so it was useless to worry.

Well, after all, the Human Army’s aim is only the Elves.

I don’t think they would go out of their way to attack the home of another race that’s staying somewhere else.

At around 11am, I mounted Kumajiro and the others all mounted the rest of the Hind Bears, before advancing into the forest.

The proportion of 【Mages】 at our destination was low, but the unit stationed there consisted mostly of those who had occupations which were stronger in close-combat, like 【Heavy Warriors】 and 【Knights】.

The unit was comprised of just under 600 people. There wasn’t a single demihuman either, only full-blooded humans. All of them appeared to be soldiers that had distinguished themselves in battle. Because another unit was stationed nearby, I intended to reduced their numbers as much as possible and then escape.

We arrived at the garrison after running for about an hour.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t deploy any undead to bolster our forces in the light of day, but as far as I could tell from what we could see from our position on the top of the hill, there was only one enemy we had to look out for. Equipped with a black iron short spear with countless small dark red bladed thorns protruding from it, was a white-haired venerable old knight donned with scale mail that emitted a divinely pale white light.

As the venerable knight was equipped with quite peculiar armor I could identify him from the “List of Formidable Opponents from the Kingdom and Empire” that I made using the information that Rusty Iron Knight, Female Knight and the others gave me.

Belonging to the Empire, he was a man known by the name 'Eisen Ritter', who was renowned as an adventurer in his early years. The black iron short spear is an 【Ancient】 Class magic item that he himself acquired from within the Empire's 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】. It appeared to be a spear with the power to repeatedly inflict powerful Curses on a target with just the slightest touch of its blade; if I remember correctly the inscription reads: 【Barbs of Cursed Time】.

The white scale mail that he had equipped seems to be a magic item made from the materials he got from killing the white dragon that was protecting the 【Barbs of Cursed Time】.

I absolutely want to taste the spear and armor, and its owner.

So, I decided that this troublesome Eisen would be the first enemy to be killed. By launching a surprise attack and removing the enemy's greatest force right off the bat, our chance of winning would increase; plus it’s safer.

I took out the Vermilion Spear, which I had never used in large scale battle before, from my item box and then loaded it into my Silver Arm, which I transformed into a ballista.

I raised my assassination success rate with 【Job - Assassin】, and because I was attacking with a ballista, the 【Job - Archer】 and 【Job - Hunter】 abilities were activated as well. Moreover, because I was using a ranged attack, the effects of 【Throw】 and 【Needleshot】 were overlaid for a further increase in accuracy and power. Then, I aimed for Eisen’s body and fired the Vermilion Spear.

Eisen was standing close to the heart of the enemy’s camp. Measuring with just my eyes, the distance between us was about 200 meters, but the Vermicelli Spear came flying at him like a red comet and pierced his body, despite it being protected by the White Dragon Scale Mail.

By hiding our presence as much as possible, it appears that even the great Eisen could not protect himself against such a powerful blow that came flying at him from outside his range of perception.

His last expression was quite impressive, it seemed to say that he could not comprehend what happened.

This was the start of the legend of surprise attacks.

Who cares about fighting fair and square.

After all, in nature where survival of the fittest is law, those who remain are the winners.

And so, my thoughts digressed from the situation.

After thinking about it all, I went back to observing the enemy’s situation.

Because the Vermilion Spear that pierced Eisen didn't slow down, it was stuck deep into the ground, leaving behind a pit matching its trajectory. Eisen's body now had a hole where his chest had been and around him I saw the figures of soldiers, just standing there, unable to quite grasp what had just happened.

Even though they realized Eisen had died, it seems like nobody had imagined that death would ever come for him. Maybe that’s why they looked like they were hallucinating.

Perhaps they felt like it was all just a dream. However, I didn't worry about that, I just waited for some people to gather around so I could use the power of the Vermilion Spear.

The moment I activated it, without any warning, the Vermilion Spear sprang out from the ground.

In an instant, countless Vermilion Spears appeared from their blind spot below their feet, killing more than a 100 soldiers and seriously injuring those within the 100 meters (328 feet) of the spear’s range.

It would have been great to eliminate all of the enemies at once, but I didn't want to decrease the amount of experience points everyone else could obtain.

Laughing at the commotion caused by the sudden attack, we charged the enemy.

We took advantage of the confusion caused by the surprise attack to devour the whole enemy camp. In their situation, it must have been hard for them to communicate. Which means, our surprise attack was a success.

It was very easy to feed on the confused rabble.

The speed of the Oniguma, Orthrus, the Hind Bears and the Triple Horned Horses couldn't be compared to the humans' war horses. In the blink of an eye we covered the distance from the enemy, spread out, and swung our weapons at the confused soldiers nearby.

After the enemy was sent flying like a doll by the tackle of Ogakichi-kun's ≪Familiar≫, he swung his flame enchanted battle axe at the group of 【Heavy Warriors】.

Maybe it’s their ingrained habit, because despite the confusion, they were still able to quickly prepare their multi-layered shield formation and guard against the battle axe’s slashing. Though, unable to protect from the flames that flew towards them, they were incinerated by the intense heat. Their shields were also bent all over from the extremely heavy attacks.

Long story short, the defending 【Heavy Warriors】 were burned and thrown back with a dull sound, similar to what you would usually hear in a car accident or when you try to bend iron.

Even their defense didn’t stand a chance against such powerful attacks.

As usual, he has great destructive power. Ogakichi-kun's 【Divine Protection】 also increased the amount of heat he could use, and the flames that raged around caused more damage than usual, creating a mass of charred bodies.

He was an Ogre who possessed a problematic tower shield that can bend and blow over opponents’ shields while spreading flames around him.

Without a doubt, in the eyes of the enemy, he was definitely an object of fear.

On top of that, Dhammi-chan also used her 【Eyes of Bewitchment】 to control the enemies. Those who could not resist her were made to kill their allies.

She intended to make many victims without dirtying her own hands.

Of course, it was impossible to brainwash everyone. She had to deal with the few enemies who used magic items, arts, or something else that was able to resist her 【Eyes of Bewitchment】 in person.

For them, she pierced her targets with the ice powers granted by her 【Divine Protection】, or cut apart their bodies with the Claymore she got from me as a present.

She looked like she enjoyed the blood of the murdered enemies as it poured over her like a shower; with a combined beauty and bewitching mystery, it made me aware of how frightening she is.

While screaming her war cry, Asue-chan's War-Pick smashed the earth.

The ground split open and swallowed the enemies that failed to escape, one after another. The risen earth wall also deprived the rest of the enemy of their escape route.

Because most of her attacks left significant openings for our enemy, they coordinated their timing and began to attack; but their steel swords were not enough to cause even a scratch to Asue-chan, who’s a Half Earth Lord with an unusually high defensive power.

Normal attacks were pretty much useless against her.

After seeing that, there were some enemies that tried to use Arts; however, the slight gap before the Arts were activated became a target. Unlike the big moves she used until now, she burst their bodies open with fast attacks, like rock-crushing fists, kicks, and tackles.

Asue-chan’s cheerful, hearty laughter reverberated throughout the air.

The muddy stream that Supesei-san created with magic washed away the soldiers who were a little further away.

Because it was an attack that seemed to dump humans into a washing machine filled with metal armor, spears and swords, the fate of these soldiers was miserable.

Masses of corpses were produced, and soon our faces showed wry smiles.

Around 30 blood swords that were created by Burasato-san shredded the enemy as they brushed past them. They even grew bigger by absorbing the blood.

The blades rotated at high speed and sliced the enemy within its range into small pieces. To make it worse, Burasato-san's red skin was dyed even redder by the blood she was drenched in. She looked like a Death God.

This one-sided mass slaughter was the result of our continuous fierce daily training that granted the monsters higher specs than ordinary humans.

While I thought about that, I cut down the enemy's numbers using my Halberd that Blacksmith-san had previously embedded with elemental stones.

About 20 minutes after the attack began, the battle had ended.

The first hit from the Vermilion Spear allowed us to surround the area easily, and I used 【Conceal】 on everyone, so even if there are any survivors, none of them saw our real appearance. Because we had achieved our goal, well, you know how it is.

I scraped together what looked useful, pulled the Vermilion Spear from the ground, then ate the bloody meat of our dead enemy.

Because there were so many, I raked them together with some thread and used 【Improved Digestion】, 【Vampirephilia】 and 【Metamorphosis】 to efficiently devour them whole.

Ability learned: 【Crosswind】

Ability learned: 【Storm Wind】

Ability learned: 【Inhibit Regeneration】

Ability learned: 【Recognition Interference】

Ability learned: 【Uppercut】

Ability learned: 【Heavy Slash】

Ability learned: 【Warrior's Pedigree】

Ability learned: 【Knight's Pedigree】

Ability learned: 【Job - Dual Swordsman】

Ability learned: 【Job - Master Axeman】

Ability learned: 【Job - Master Spearman】

Ability learned: 【Survival Instinct】

Ability learned: 【Familicide】

Ability learned: 【Enhanced Physical Strength】

Ability learned: 【Hawk Eye】

Ability learned: 【Job - Berserker】

Ability learned: 【Chickenhearted】

Ability learned: 【Job - Grappler】

Ability learned: 【All Martial Arts Proficiency】

Ability learned: 【Flying Slash】

Ability learned: 【Crescent Flash】

Ability learned: 【Chiyari Hyakka (Hundred Petals of A Thousand Spears)】

Ability learned: 【Rush】

Ability learned: 【Heavy Axe Strike】

Ability learned: 【Create Trap】

Then I proceeded to eat today's main dish, Eisen.

It would have been fine to leave the armor and spear, but this time I decided to eat those as well.

Ability learned: 【Grand Cross】

Ability learned: 【Job - Sword Saint】

Ability learned: 【Job - Dragon Slayer】

Ability learned: 【Dragon Scale Formation】

Ability learned: 【Cursed Wounds】

Our hunting went satisfactorily, and we returned home with pleased expressions on our faces.

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