Day 77

Day 77

I took the day off from training today.

Studying, making love, training, and even hunting; there is a reason for everything.

In the morning I shed some sweat by going at Ogakichi-kun, Rusty Iron Knight, Redhead, and Female Knight in a 4 vs 1 martial arts match. Then I went and played with the pets.

After that I went to see the Sisters, who were preparing lunch, and tried a bread dish from this world called Melzack, which looked like a sandwich. While snacking, on the way to Blacksmith-san who was as just as focused as usual on her research, I bumped into the guard Elves and they joined me as I proposed a new idea for a weapon.

To mass produce the Burst Seeds, I went to see Alchemist-san to devote myself to their production.

In the evening, I went outside and enjoyed myself with Dhammi-chan on a journey through the skies. The night air was a bit chilly, but that wasn’t a problem

We soaked our cold bodies in the hot spring to warm up again.

Then we went to bed together with everyone, which has included Female Knight as of late. I sweated a lot, but I'll clean myself in the hot spring tomorrow, so it's not a problem.

I enjoyed the day off.

Day 76 == Day 77 == Day 78

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