Day 76

Day 76

It seems like we won't be getting any new hobgoblinss until the children are born.

At this moment we have 15 goblins, and all of them got to Level 100. In short, these 15 goblins don't have the ability to undergo an [ Evolution (Rank Up) ].

Although it's somewhat of a pity, there's no need to worry too much about it.

If they can't become stronger quickly by Ranking Up, they just have to steadily train themselves to become strong.

“Training will never let you down. Even if you’re a goblin, if you continue training without giving up, eventually you'll be able to become a [Goblin Elite], won't you?”

That's what I said to the depressed goblins to cheer them up, since they replied "We'll do our best" cheerfully, it can be said that this issue has been settled.

On the other hand, the kobolds still have room for growth.

When I woke up this morning, I discovered that the number of the kobold footmen increased by two, and that a new [Genin Kobold] appeared.

I put the kobold footmen into the scheduled training course, then put my focus on the genin kobold.

TL Note : Genin = low-ranking ninja

The genin kobold has a kodachi-type [Organic Blade] ―― a Sword version of the kobold footmen's [Organic Spear]s ―― and a much thinner build than a normal kobold.

Also, although he still has the face of a dog, I could see a glimmer of intellect in his eyes, his physique is also approaching that of a human. Plus, as a genin kobold, it seems like he can use [Ninpou], a type of [Sorcery] which is one of the main magic branches.

T/N: a karachi is a japanese short sword. ~Obarou

Editor note: it's a subcategory of magic called sorcery, with the specific magic being ninpou

TL note: Ninpou (or ninjutsu): basically all the regular ninja special powers and whatnot

Because he's a ninja, it seems like he would shine in areas like intelligence gathering and stealth-related activities, so I instructed him to always keep his presence hidden from today onwards. The moment I told him that, the signs of his presence almost completely disappeared. As expected of a species that excels in stealth, the way he hid away looked like a second nature to him.

Because the human army hasn't show any movements yet, we went to the river for some more swimming practice.

Although some almost drowned from exhaustion, nothing dangerous happened, and I was able to enjoy my time relaxing.

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