Day 75

Day 75

Today we didn't perform the morning train, but instead, everyone went to the river.

Well, to fit even ogres inside, the hot springs' baths had to be deep, but as expected it was too deep for goblins, and so there was many who nearly drowned in it.

Since most of them never swam in the first place, it couldn't be helped. It hasn't been long since their birth, so it's kind of expected.

However, it would be really troublesome if any of them died just because they can't swim. They may get forced to fight in deep water in the future, or they may have to run away by swimming, otherwise lose their lives.

So, today, I decided to have a swimming practice with everyone in the lake where the green lizards attacked me the other day.

Also, as it was a good chance for them to refresh themselves, I took Blacksmith-san and the others who don't go out very often along too.

Because I had my clones scout the forest, I already knew that the green lizards live just a little ahead of the waterfall. I hoped that they'll come to attack us, but in the end none showed up.

Although it was slightly disappointing, but since Blacksmith-san and others enjoyed the swimming, it's okay I suppose.