Day 75

Day 75

Today we didn't train in the cave, but instead, everyone went to the river.

Well, because the ogres also had to fit, our bathtub is pretty deep; but due to that, many have nearly drowned in it. Since many can't swim, it probably couldn't be helped.

However, it'd really troublesome if any of them died just because they can't swim.

So, I decided to have swimming practice today.

Because I'd been waiting so long for this opportunity, we went to the waterfall where the Green Lizards attacked us some time ago. Blacksmith-san doesn’t go out very often, but she came along for a change.

Because I had my clones scout the forest, I knew the Green Lizards still lived just above the waterfall and expected that they would attack us, but in the end they didn’t show up.

It's slightly disappointing, but since Blacksmith-san enjoyed the swimming, it's OK I suppose.

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