Day 73

Day 73

Asue-chan dug up a hot spring.

Until now, to wash ourselves we either went to the river, or rubbed our bodies using towels which were soaked through by water generated from the water crystals and collected inside earthenware pots.

But with this, I thought that we could relax by soaking inside the pseudo-bathtub; and strangely, I could feel that there were various mysteries about the location, geology and other things of this place.

Well, it’s fantasy. Things like that can exist, probably.

That’s why I collaborated with Asue-chan and her group to pour our heart and soul in the project for the hot spring today. Fortunately, we had the manpower of some skeletons, and others, who did not need rest. This allowed us to come up with an otherwise unthinkable level of working efficiency.

By using our abilities, and various feats of strength, we got all the work done before night came.

We divided the baths into three; one mixed bath, one bath with a division in the middle where men and women were separated, and one that only Ogakichi-kun and the other top brass were allowed to use. It turned into quite a big place.

Despite some parts of the hot spring opening to the mountain's surface, it was hard to see from outside due to the obscuring boulders. Also, the steep cliff made it difficult for non-flying enemies to enter here.

However, saying it was ‘just in case’, we heavily booby-trapped the place.

Naturally, after finishing our dinner, the very first people who entered the completed hot springs were us.

The others, who entered a hot spring for the first time in their lives, were healed by it.

Just in case, we drank the water and confirmed that there's no harm in drinking it; so there's no chance for someone to die from poison.

Rather, the hot water had the side effect of improving one's recovery just like one in a fantasy; so I will continue to use it from now on.

Well well, it was a good find.

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