Day 71

Day 71

Today, 8 goblins ranked up into hobgoblins. Three Goblins became mages, one became a cleric, and for the first time a shaman Goblin was born; the other three became regular Hobgoblins.

I was honestly happy at the significant increase in the number of our mage-types, due to the ambush the other day; the increase of Shamans who could lengthen the lifespan of undead units during the day was an extremely useful asset for us.

In addition to that, today three Kobolds ranked up to Kobold Footmen.

TL Note:yappari, ashigaru kobold (foot soldier/footmen kobold) is a ranked-up kobold species.

Editor note: which makes it very difficult later on… ty author.

Caudyr note: NO WAY am I allowing this to remain "Ashigaru Kobold" when looking at it it is QUITE OBVIOUSLY "Kobold Footman" instead. -_-

When they rank up into Footmen, Kobolds are furnished with a weapon called an "Organic Spear" — an organic weapon which is made from the cells of the original body, so it seems that as the original body grows, the weapons grow with them - and the ones who became Footmen reported to me this morning, holding their spears.

Even though the three of them should be holding spears for the very first time in their lives, the Organic Spears that came from their own bodies could be said to be an extension of themselves. Their spear handling was quite something.

However, since they were still a far cry from mastery, the three Kobold Footmen planned to focus on training to handle their spears together with the Kobold Leader, who was the first to rank up into a Footman.

Even so, many ranked up because of the amount of experience points we gained in our battle against the human army. The increase of slaves in our labor and fighting forces is a boon for us.

It seems we are about to clear our first goal. Because we got our hands on some females from our enemy that we can use to breed, we should try to increase our numbers. However, if our group becomes too large, the amount of food we need and other difficulties will increase too, so we will have to coordinate the increase.

Note: ‘breed’ was originally TL-ed as ‘bread’… makes the the next sentence so much better

We have yet to find out how long it will take for a child who surpasses the rank of a Hobgoblin to be born. As expected, even Gobujii doesn't know the answer. However, it seems that when a human female is pregnant with a Goblin child it takes about 20 days and if a Goblin is pregnant it takes about 25 days. Then, if a human is pregnant with a Hobgoblin child it takes about 40 days, while a Hobgoblin is pregnant for about 50 days.

Although the birthing period varies, I couldn't hide my surprise about the speed. Now I understand why humans regularly hunt Goblins.

Just in case, I checked if anyone of them became a Variant that matches one of the magic items they’ve used. However, apart from Ogakichi-kun, Dhammi-chan and myself, no one else has become a Variant; as expected, the others don’t meet the requirements to obtain a [Divine Protection].

I’ll deal with this problem later.

After today’s morning training, I questioned Rusty Iron Knight and the others that looked like commanding officers about the human army's purpose, whom I put [slave] collars on and threw into prison. I did this so as to gain information from multiple sources to supplement what I obtained from Female Knight and the others.

As a result, I understood the general idea behind this war.

What sparked this war was the Sternbild Kingdom ― because other countries haven’t been mentioned yet, I’ll simply call it "Kingdom" for now until others appear ― it started when their princess caught a terrible disease.

After infection, your internal organs would slowly rot away as the days passed by. More than 99% of the people who caught the disease would die within one year. There were a few cases where the patient survived for about 2 years, but as they also eventually died without being cured, there seems to have been no survivors so far.

Luckily, the disease can't spread by air or water vapor. The fact that there are few cases seems to be the only salvation. However, the lack of cases also means there were few chances to find a cure.

Naturally, the Kingdom was determined to try anything to heal the princess.

She was ill, but was still renowned as a "Masako", she was even engaged - it was for political reasons, but as the two appeared to love each other, it may as well be a love marriage - so she needed to be cured all the more.

By the king's command, all doctors and the medical experts in the Kingdom were frantically searching for a remedy.

Note: Masako = Clever/Wise Princess

However, the results were not very rewarding.

Although they found a way to slow down the advance of the illness a little, almost half of each of the princess’ internal organs had already rotted away.

They then decided to forcefully put her to sleep in order to release her from the constant pain that could drive her crazy, while using magic to regenerate the rotten inner organs to prolong her life.

But as the organs were decaying faster than they could be regenerated, they could not cure her.

For a long time they thought she would die without anyone ever finding a cure.

However, a former citizen of the Kingdom; a certain woman, received a [Divine Revelation] from the [Demigod of Healing]. She had once worked for the one who held the [Job - Female Saint], who prayed everyday.

“To cure the 'Chrysindo Disease', you need the secret medicine of the Elves that live under the protection of the 【Demigod of Deep Green】.”

Note: Demigod of Deep Green could also be tled as ‘Demigod of Green Depths’, ‘Jade Demigod’, ‘Demigod of Beautiful Greenery’, etc.

According to this 【Divine Revelation】, the forests that we were born in fit the conditions, and they had to buy the secret medicine of the Elves that lived in the "Kuuderun Great Forest". The young emperor-to-be (who was 24 years old) from the "Kilika Empire" — which will be called the "Empire", for the same reason as the "Kingdom" — to whom the princess was betrothed to, negotiated with the Elves.

However, the Elves didn't have much of the secret medicine left, and because of some ancient law - the Elves have many annoying and troublesome laws - they refused to give any of it to the "humans".

He tried to negotiate over and over, but it was all in vain.

The Elves have always been a prideful race and looked down on humans. I personally think they would not have given it, even if that law didn't exist.

Anyway, as a fact, they would not give the secret medicine to the Kingdom or the Empire.

There was no doubt about it, the failed negotiations were the cause of the war. But, listening to this story, there seems to be more human circumstances that are involved.

Well, I could keep going on about the little details, but it would be too troublesome and just lead to this conclusion:

"Humans are Greedy"

I think that says enough.

However, if I were to give four reasons why Elves are better, it would be these:

One, practically all Elves are beautiful. They make ideal sex slaves.

Two, Elves are superior, as a race, to humans. They have excellent defense, as well as battle prowess.

Three, their mithril; the forest, packed with raw materials and magic items, is extremely delicious from an economical point of view.

Four, compared to other countries, they live in a place that's much more convenient in times of war. It makes an excellent relay point.

Listening to the story, I thought those were awfully practical reasons.

The original trigger was certainly the refusal to sell the secret medicine to cure the princess, but combined with the humans' great greed and expectations, the original goal was twisted which, in the end, resulted in the current war.

I cannot help but think that humans, as a race, would be a nuisance even in a parallel world.

Because I am in a good position this time to just disappear if need be, it doesn't bother me that much.

I also asked many other things. I was especially careful to ask about the formation of the Human Army; because, I may not be able to defeat my enemy this time, in my current condition. Because the Rusty Iron Knight belongs to the Empire, he didn't know much about the Kingdom's army ― the Kingdom and Empire appear to have an Allied Force ―, but the Female Knight who belongs to the Kingdom told me all about that, so it's not an issue.

As expected, the huge Empire has a good amount of soldiers which are also superior in quality. The army had a demon unit that consisted of Ogres, Lords, a dragon-man species called Dragonewts, and "Chimeras", which were made by cross-breeding various monsters. It seems to be very strong.

Most of the squad members appear to be slaves. It seems they are forced to fight with their lives on the line by their master. A troublesome and difficult story.

However, as troublesome as it is, it will be easy to bring them down if you do it right.

Anyway, we picked up the human in charge of commanding the slaves.

After I got the information I wanted, I had the male prisoners join the Goblins and play a game to improve their commanding power.

It was an actual warfare strategy game where the players with the title of captain had to keep their pawns, that were equally distributed amongst them, under their thumb and crush the pawns of the opponent by giving orders to their own.

The pawns were equipped with wooden swords and shields, a bow, an axe, a spear or with just a shield by itself. The point was to give commands that suited the equipment of the grunts.

Because I acted as umpire, I didn't join the game myself. Dhammi-chan and Supesei-san are both great commanders, so they won a lot. On the other hand, Ogakichi-kun and Burasato-san are good at taking the lead and opening up the front line, but they were too weak. Asue-chan is somewhere in between.

This is the difference between brains and brawn. It's not hard to understand.

Because we took a lot of provisions from the human army, we didn't go hunting today; we only did combat training in a cave. No, it wasn't really training, it was more like playing a game with everyone instead.

Through training, we started to become friends to no small extent, so I wanted to strengthen that feeling.

At first, the humans who were taken as slaves couldn't hide their surprise about our training; but, it was funny to see how their expressions gradually became serious as time went by.

Because the human army barely moved today, we could focus on practicing. This is a good thing.

And at night, the female humans happily joined the merriness. Perhaps because they had greater lust than than the Elves, or because they simply fell so quickly, they adapted fast.

Only Blacksmith-san and the others had expressions that showed their mixed feelings; however, compared to when they had just arrived, their way of thinking has changed quite a lot, so they didn't seem to have any real complaints.

Or rather, because it is war, this kind of thing can not be helped.

Besides, it is not like the situation will go haywire whenever it is pushed to the limit; because, it's something you're free to look for. Well, I suppose it’s that; everyone has different things that make them happy.

They are smart, nice women.

They're almost too good for me.

After that, because I noticed some Elves here and there who looked at the human females with envy ― the human females were in charge of sexual relief right now, so the Elves were not forced to ― I tried to hook them up with some of our new Kobold Footmen and Hobgoblins.

They seemed pretty happy.

Once you snap an Elf's pride, it's easy to get them to obey. Well, even so I don’t intend to hit on them myself.

I am pretty satisfied with the current situation, and there’s no need to create enemies for no reason.

Sidestory: A Kobold's POV == Day 71 == Day 72

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