Sidestory: Kobold's POV

Day 70 Sidestory: A Kobold's POV

By the instructions of our Lord, I and several other compatriots (other Kobolds) entered a hollow pitfall to hide inside.

A short spear in one hand and in the other a dagger which had on its corner poison made by our lord. Our role, is to wait in front of our main force, on the passing enemy forces and ambush them after the rain of poison arrows stop, and when they fall into the pitfalls to stab them immediately.

Although it became an important assignment, it still was not a rather safe assignment.

On the ground (the main force), they used a weapon that the lord devised called “Repeating Crossbow”, which strikes and kills enemy units, and with this there is little care that the enemy will counterattack as they are shot dead.

Even if an enemy has not fallen from above, we still injure them from below.

And saying that, there is still the possibility that in the end it still won’t work.

In addition I… no, all of the Kobolds in the pitfalls were grinding our teeth. As the duty in such an unsafe place was left to us, showed the trust that our lord had in us.

However it is a reluctant thing. As we swore our loyalty to him.

But we diligently continued our duty, as our loyalty is deep, and I made more effort in order to earn the lords trust.

I put it to my heart, as I held my breath and waited for the enemy.

Before long, the enemy came according to the schedule.

Lord’s strategy – cutting of the way to retreat, by rolling down rocks and shooting poisoned arrows – to confuse the enemy and to decrease their numbers. I began to hear screams.

The number of people that fell into the traps has increased after a while, and I heard the screams of excitement from my compatriots (other Kobolds).

As I was lying hidden in the pitfall waiting for the enemy to fall in, the time has finally come.

As they fell in the pitfall I struck them by surprise, and as their feet were injured because of the fall they could not possible react.

A dull sound of a crack was heard as bones were breaking, and the enemy was too confused by the pain and sudden change of scenery.

I stabbed them with the corner of my short spear from the back. However the thick, full body armor prevented it, and as the corner of the short spear cut in, it was not a fatal injury. I heard an unpleasant sound, as sparks were scattered.

The first shot failed.

Although I did fret it, that they had on an armor from head to toe, but the enemy was moving slow as their foot was wounded, and there was no counterattack because of their confusion.

I fortunately was able to cling to their back, and I somehow succeeded to stab them in between the gap of their armor with my poison dagger.

Feeling the meat being cut and torn. Blood gushing. The smell of thick blood.

And the reaction of reaping one’s life, was enjoyable along with the enormous amount of experience gained. On the occasion of killing a higher rank, the large amount of experience gained is said that it becomes a situation that is similar to intoxication. While exalted, I returned back to the hollow.

Because, this was an order from the Lord. The reason, to which I understood immediately. As it was not a difficult order. Simply, because the enemy falls from the top.

Because they were equipped with full body armor, and if I stayed in the center of the pitfall I would be crushed to death before realizing it. Indeed, as one would expect from our Lord. While thinking that, I cut the enemies body 3 times and tore it.

And as the battle is victorious, a large amount of prisoners of war are obtained. As a compensation from the Lord, I was given the corpse of the enemy that I killed. I trembled in delight because of the words of appreciation, and shed tears, as I stuffed my mouth with the meat.

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