Sidestory: Kobold's POV

Day 70 Sidestory: A Kobold's POV

Under the orders of our Lord, I and several of my compatriots (other kobolds) entered the pitfalls on the sides of the road and hid inside the cavities created in the walls.

In one of my hands was a horn short spear - a horn and stick - and in the other was a dagger - a horn - , both were covered with a poison made by our lord. Our role, is to stab to death any enemy soldiers who managed to slip through the rain of poisoned arrows, then fell into one of the pitfalls before reaching our main forces.

Although it's an important duty, it couldn't be exactly called a risky one.

Compared to those who were shooting the enemy soldiers on the surface using the weapons devised by our Lord, the "Repeating Crossbow"s, the chance of us being targeted is low.

If none of the enemy soldiers fall into the pitfalls, then, we'll not get even a scratch.

That means that there's a possibility that this battle will end without us having to do anything.

I… no, all of us, the kobolds who were placed in the pitfalls, were grinding our teeth in frustration. That's because the fact that our Lord gave us such a safe duty means that he doesn't have enough trust in us.

However, this is unavoidable. As we swore our loyalty to him only recently.

That's why, I'll ardently perform my duty, with deep loyalty, to obtain our Lord's trust.

I burned this in my heart, as I held my breath and waited for the enemy.

Before long, the enemy arrived on schedule.

Our Lord’s strategy is – cutting off their path of retreat, rolling down boulders at them and shooting them with poisoned arrows – to confuse the enemy, then taking advantage of that to reduce their numbers rapidly. Soon after the arrived, I began hearing the enemies' screams.

After some time, it seems like some of them started to fall into the pitfalls, as I heard the shouts of excitement of my compatriots (other kobolds).

As I was lying hidden inside the pitfall waiting longingly for an enemy to fall in, that moment finally came.

The enemy soldier wasn't able to react when their foothold disappeared, thus they fell in the pitfall, injuring their legs due to the shock of the fall in the process.

When they fell, a dull sound of something cracking was heard, so most likely, their leg bones broke. Confused by the pain of their broken bones and the sudden change of the scenery, the enemy couldn't grasp their situation and react.

Sneaking from behind, I stabbed them with the short spear from the back. However, the tip of the short spear only grazed them, it was not a fatal injury, that's because the thick, full body armor blocked most of it. When the blow landed on the armor, I heard an unpleasant sound as sparks scattered.

The first strike failed.

Although I panicked for a moment, the enemy was wearing armor from head to toe, and their legs were wounded, making it extremely hard for them to move. Not to mention that they couldn't mount a counterattack because of their confusion and the pain from their legs distracting them.

Fortunately, I was able to retain my composure quickly and clung to their back, then I succeeded in stabbing them in the neck through the gap between their armor with my poisoned dagger.

Feeling the meat getting torn, seeing the blood gushing out, smelling the thick scent of blood. I certainly felt the sensation of depriving a life. Along with it, there was a feeling of euphoria due to gaining a great amount of Experience Values.

On the occasion of killing a much stronger creature than yourself, the large amount of Experience Values gained can cause a state called "Experience Value intoxication".

While exalted, I returned back to the cavity in the wall.

Because, this was an order from the Lord. The reason to which, I understood immediately. It's not something complicated by any means. It's simply, because more enemies will fall down from the top.

Because they are equipped with full body armor, if I were to stay in the center of the pitfall, I would get crushed to death without even realizing what happened. I see, as one would expect from our Lord. Thinking that, I cut three more enemies.

Following this, we attained victory in this battle, and we gained a large number of prisoners of war.

As a reward from our Lord, we were bestowed the bodies of the enemies we killed. Hearing the praising words of our Lord, I and my compatriots trembled in delight and shed tears.

Then, we stuffed our mouths with the meat.

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