Day 70

Day 70

Today we set up various traps on the human army’s invasion route to ambush them.

The human army was planning to take advantage of their greater numbers to attack the Elven army from multiple directions. That’s why we are lying in wait on separate routes to defeat them one by one.

Because this is one of the many routes that are currently being watched, it seems likely that one of the units of the main force will pass by here. While I think I'd be able to gain a lot of experience points from this fight, I devoted myself to dividing the hunting ground together with Asue-chan.

The road that looked like a game trail was slightly lower than its surroundings, and we altered the terrain to make a little slope.

We set pitfall traps at the base of the trees, which grew thick on each side. Then we dug a trench to hide at the base of a certain tree that was a little farther from the road. To make it safer, we installed a shield made out of wooden boards and placed fauna near the trench to make it inconspicuous. Blacksmith-san worked hard to make enough repeating crossbows to equip the long distance attack troops, Regret, who were stationed inside the trenches.

We also placed Hatred, the light infantry, inside the trench as an insurance measure. So, even if they jumped over the pitfalls and got close by slipping their way through the rain of arrows, it would be easy to buy ourselves some time... or just kill them.

However, they ought to have been dealt with by our Kobolds that were hiding in the pitfalls before that.

Soon after we finished the general preparations, the scouts from my squad reported that it would take our enemy approximately 30 minutes to arrive here with their current marching speed. So, all we could do was hold our breath and wait.

Then, they arrived.

Rusty Iron Knight, who was equipped in a rust-iron colored full-body armor, advanced astride his war-horse. He paid close attention to his surroundings as he led an orderly army that did not break ranks while it marched behind him. Certainly, each of them seemed to have relatively strong, I'd guess there were about 700 of them.

Amongst them were magic users―'magicians' is a general term to represent them, describing those whose job involves using magic. There were Summoners, Arcana, Sorcerers and more―probably about 100 of them.

Adding in the power of magic, even with only 700 of them, they had tremendous fighting potential. But it didn't bother me, it made me feel they were a delicious opponent.

TL note: yes, Rou means ‘delicious’.

Coordinating the troops through the cuffs, first we fell a huge tree and cut off the enemy’s path for retreat. It made a loud noise, but it didn’t crush anyone. However, it diverted the attention of our enemy and gave me the opportunity to shout out the next command.

With their retreat cut off, it was time for our first assault. We pushed multiple boulders down from the hill right on top of enemy. The recessed area that was the enemies’ foothold, caved in on both sides and became a disaster for those who didn't get away in time. They were either crushed by the falling boulders or trampled to death by their comrades who desperately tried to get away.

There were those that took up their weapons and others with magic to tried to destroy the boulders. Unfortunately for them, I placed an enchantment on the rocks so that they wouldn’t break easily and they maintained their momentum. Their resistance was in vain and they fell prey to the boulders.

Of the original 700 enemies, more than 200-300 were crushed to death or were unable to fight. Many others had suffered injuries as well. It would be difficult for them to immediately re-organize themselves.

Of course I had no intention of giving our enemy a break, so we started the barrage with our repeating crossbows. Moreover, because I smeared the bolts with a poison I made, even the slightest touch was deadly. The attack instantly cut down the number of enemies.

In an attempt to fight back, some of them tried storming the trenches but ended up falling in the hidden pitfalls. They were met with a wretched end as they got beaten to death by the hidden Kobolds.

This alone was not enough to kill them all though. The commanding power of the Rusty Iron Knight was not something to be taken lightly.

He gathered the survivors together and arranged a formation using the bodies of their dead comrades to shield themselves from the poisoned arrows. We tried to bring them down with the boulders, but those were destroyed by rapid blasts of magic that were shot from between the crevices in the shell-like formation. With the poisoned arrows being blocked by their shield of dead bodies, we could no longer decrease their numbers this way.

We were in a short stalemate. Just as I was thinking how well he was doing with barely 100 soldiers left, I got interested in the Rusty Iron Knight.

I wanted him as my pawn, so I stopped our attack by magic for now and had the heavy armed corps Anger, led by Ogakichi-kun, charge at them from the top of the hill.

To prevent shooting our own by mistake, we had to stop firing the poisoned arrows. So, I just watched over Ogakichi-kun and his men as he readied his ‘Tower Shield’ and they advanced forward.

Magic attacks were sent out from the enemy line at Ogakichi-kun, but all of them were blocked by the magic item ‘Tower Shield’ and were dispersed. Our enemy judged that it was useless to aim for Ogakichi-kun and started targeting the others. However, most of them were protected by the Tower Shield.

As both armies closed in on each other, the enemies desperately jumped out from the enclosure as a last resort, but they were not able to break through the defense of the heavy armor unit, and were instead being systematically slaughtered by the members of the heavy armor unit.

Though the Rusty Iron Knight tried to fight back against Ogakichi-kun, there was no real contest as Ogakichi-kun had improved his skills in the fight against the Black Skeletons. The reason why he was ‘struggling’ against him, was because he wasn't being serious since I ordered him to bring Rusty Iron Knight back alive.

After 30 minutes when Ogakichi-kun had enjoyed the fight to its fullest, Rusty Iron Knight was knocked out, captured, and enslaved.

And so the meat was distributed and was munched, *crunch crunch*.

Ability 【Job - Sorcerer】 learned
Ability 【Job - Shielder】 learned
Ability 【Job - Sentinel】 learned
Ability 【Shield Bash】 learned
Ability 【Combat Technique Aptitude】 learned
Ability 【Sword Proficiency】 learned
Ability 【Guard Proficiency】 learned
Ability 【Job - Archer】 learned
Ability 【Job - Hunter】 learned
Ability 【Job - Item Creator】 learned
Ability 【Shield Wall】 learned
Ability 【Greater Tool Appraisal】 learned

Our military achievements this time were quite outstanding.

After we collected all the useful-looking equipment, we transported the spoils of war, useful-looking prisoners, and food just like last time. We drugged the captured women and put them in jail while the men were put to work as slaves immediately.

After that, I reported to Father Elf-san.

If they can't restrain themselves anymore and sought after the captured women, I'll give them out as a reward to the individuals that fought well.

When Father Elf-san asked what I was going to do to the prisoners, I told him what I would normally do. Father Elf-san said "not to force them against their will", but to have your way without drugging them, what is he talking about?

They are enemies, we should at least be allowed to drug them.

Now, shall I go have a talk with Rusty Iron Knight? Just as I was thinking of doing that, Dhammi-chan embarrassingly tugged on the hem of my bottom with flushed cheeks.

Huh? She wants a… child? I got fired up in various ways.

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