Day 69

Day 69

While I was sleeping, I felt a slight pain in my chest.

When I woke up, it seemed that my heart had been pierced by someone. The culprit was the one who hadn’t been cuffed yet; the aforementioned Female Knight, who was clothed only in her birthday suit, was already wet in many places.

Even though she was really upset yesterday, I thought that she would eventually regain her composure. Fortunately, the stray wrought iron knife (Blacksmith-san’s work) that she used on me was one only meant for chopping food.

While leisurely thinking about that, I pulled out the knife embedded in my chest. You should not underestimate the survival power of an Ogre. I won’t die from a shallow wound to the heart made by a simple wrought iron knife. It only hurts a bit, only stopping my movement when as I heal my wound.

But, as I dislike pain, I used 【Rapid Recovery】. The wound closed immediately.

As I looked up, I saw Dhammi-chan stark-naked. She was holding Female Knight-san down while grabbing a bunch of her hair with a quiet, simmering anger.

Unable to fight back against the inhuman physical strength, Female Knight-san looked up at me with a hateful look.

Hmm, it looked like it wasn't enough yet. Therefore, I injected a drug into her that I created and punished her together with Dhammi-chan.

TL note: punish = sexual innuendo

I know I'm exaggerating, but in the afternoon I personally cuffed Female Knight-san!

TL note: emphasis on personally in this sentence

We gathered the male slaves and made them spit out all of the information they had. As a result of [Enslave], they could not lie or withhold information from us. We'll pass all of it on to Father Elf.

Because our feat seriously affected the Elven morale, yesterday we received 10 barrels of Elven Wine from Father Elf in exchange for the information. It was a good deal.

Also, as of today there are 4 more Hobgoblins today. Mixed within them, was a Cleric.

As usual, I will give them a celebratory gift.

Sidestory: Ogakichi's POV == Day 69 == Day 70