Day 69

Day 69

While I was sleeping, I felt a slight pain in my chest.

When I woke up, I noticed that my heart had been stabbed by someone. The culprit was the one who hadn’t been cuffed with an [Enslave] imbued ear-cuff yet, the Female Knight clothed only in her birthday suit and wet with bodily fluids in some places.

Although she was really into the mood yesternight, she probably thought 'At the very least, I'll get rid of him...' when she woke up and regained her composure. And luckily for her, there was a wrought iron knife - made by Blacksmith-san - on a table in my room, she probably decided to give it a try after seeing the knife.

While leisurely thinking about that, I pulled out the knife embedded in my chest, it's not a good idea to underestimate the life force of an ogre. Even if it's a heart wound, I won’t die from a wound made by a simple wrought iron knife. It only hurts a bit, and it makes it a little difficult for me to move until the wound is healed.

Nevertheless, although it isn't fatal, it hurts a little, so I used [Rapid Recovery]. Then, the wound closed at a visible speed.

As I looked up, I saw Dhammi-chan who was stark-naked, holding down the Female Knight while violently pulling her hair with a quiet, simmering anger.

Unable to fight back against the inhuman physical strength, with one of her cheeks rubbing against the ground, the Female Knight looked up at me with a resentful look.

Hmm, it seems like I didn't give her enough care yesternight. Therefore, I injected her with a drug - which I created by adjusting the properties of my bodily fluids - using my fingertips and punished her together with Dhammi-chan.

TL note: punish = sexual innuendo

Later in the afternoon, the Female Knight cuffed herself personally!

TL note: emphasis on personally in this sentence

Well, putting aside my exaggerating tone, after that, I gathered all of the male slaves with high military ranks and made them spit out all of the information they held. As a result of [Enslave], they could not lie or withhold information from me, resulting in a large amount of highly credible information. I passed these information on to Father Elf.

Since if we continue taking the lead without giving the elves a chance to undermine the humans' army, their morale can take a serious hit, yesterday I made a deal with Father Elf to sell him the information from the battalion we attacked in exchange for the 10 barrels of Elven Wine that he brought yesterday.

He brought it saying that it's to celebrate the victory, but at the same time he used it as a negotiation material. Father Elf is really shrewd.

Also, the hobgoblins increased by 4 today. This time, there was one cleric among them. As usual, I gave them a celebratory gift.

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