Sidestory: Ogakichi's POV

Day 68 Sidestory: Ogakichi's POV

Ogarou hit a bunch of enemies, because I said so.

This time it became mobility-oriented, only sitting on the possessed beast in order to go to the battlefield, his own our number of but seventy degree and small, will good in this because of that Ogarou is good in this.

The reason it is not that deeply considered.

Himself is not suitable to thinking too much.

So I run if Ogarou says. That's it.

After a while, I found the enemy.

But some magic is stretched around, I don't know what it is. This thing I've never seen before. 

But Ogarou break, than that, I headed to the indicated position.

Once you have as you say Ogarou, no little mistake.

Reported ready to Ogarou through the communication ear cuff.

After waiting for a while, Ogarou started the fight by throwing a black spear.

Things like crispy and magic is destroyed in black spear, and to it was made ​​the soil walls surrounding us Jiang enemy that good is himself a little late.

This is because you do not escape their prey.

When can the height of the soil wall in excess of his own stature, here magic is going to be bombarded in the camp.

Magic is conspicuously strongly of space star among them, and violently, and dazzling.

But above those of black spear of threat level if Ogarou, but magic of space stars are an attack range anyway vast, I will be bombarded continuously.

When is a while blurring, eventually magic of shelling weakened, came instructed the Tsukkome from Ogarou. -Depth.

I rammed in without hesitation.

I run with the Kumakichi.

I find the enemy.

I kill and hit with axe.

Shield is bent, the meat was cut torn.

I find the enemy.

I crush on shield.

Viscera momentum jump out well from the mouth.

I find the enemy.

I be Kurawa head butted.

Corner sticks to the meat, face was wet with blood of the enemy.

I find the enemy.

I Hikikorosu leave of momentum.

Voice of agony beneath my feet, feel the breaking of a bone.

I find the enemy.

Kill baked wearing a flame.

Screaming, I show a strange dance.

I find the enemy.

Kill eating and biting the head.

Decent and delicious.

Taste of the brain.

Almost did not think anything is when you fight.

Technique that was used in training with Ogarou, came out with nature.

Body moves before you think.

The move without some degree thought, fought while thinking the formidable opponent.

Training of Ogarou to be played in the brain.

So rife was advice, storage chopped along with the pain.

If fight while remembering it, etc.,

the enemy has kill To crispy even stronger than the other.

It is interesting, I think.

Just training if training, I feel that you are close to Ogarou to.

Though still far, but still has to feel like is approaching. Yourself is, you want close to Ogarou.

Before you is longing, as friend, and want to be together. So himself was killed the enemy.

In order to become stronger, and decided to kill many.

Yourself to become stronger require more experience, it is necessary to fight experience, besides many necessary.

So shake the axe in the innocent, it is possible to prevent in the shield, mashed stepping.

Even so, meat eating in the battlefield, was delicious.

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