Sidestory: Female Knight's POV

Day 68 Sidestory: Female Knight's POV

After sunset, the parts of the forest illuminated by moonlight fall under the domain of monsters. Traveling in the forest at night would be suicidal even with a huge army. In the past, there are documented cases of invading armies being annihilated. Attacked by monsters that can move freely in the darkness.

Hence, we were cautious in selecting our campsite. We chose an open area where we could arrange a rotation of lookouts. Additionally, a magic barrier was established around the perimeters to ensure we were protected from monsters. Our magician who erected the magic barrier is a trusted adventurer and friend to my family. A seasoned campaigner whose ability cannot be questioned. I was informed that there were only three local threats that had the potential to break the magic barrier;

1)      The main Elf army.

2)      2 or more Hind bears (The strongest monster species in this forest).

3)      The strongest individual monster in this forest: the Red Hind Bear (Mountain Lord).

Feeling secure once the camp and barrier had been established, I removed my armor and my magic estoc [Moon Sword] to put on a more comfortable attire which exposed my thighs and shoulders. I did this despite the fact that I had been previously warned by some male servants to wear more modest clothes; I feel it's more important to unwind at the end of the day. 

Whilst I was considering why the servants were being so uptight, Waisury the magician (who erected the magic barrier) entered my tent,

[Thank you for your good work, Lady Therese, splendid command today.] 

[Thank you, Lord Waisury] 

[However, I must warn you that our supply lines are being stretched. Perhaps we should slow down to make sure we're fully prepared for when the real battle begins] 

[Perhaps, but to cure the princess's sickness, this war must end quickly. A drawn out conflict will build up a lot of grievances. Our best chance for a peaceful resolution is to minimize bloodshed for both the Elves and our allies.] 

I looked confidently at Lord Waisury as I made the last statement. Holding my gaze, Lord Waisury smiled approvingly,

[Lady Therese is kind]

[I'm not so kind when I'm forced to take a life in battle, but....I accept it as part of my knighthood.] I smiled.

Suddenly my stomach grumbled loudly. Embarrassed as I was, I did not know how to react. 


Lord Waisury and I stared at each other for a while. I realized my face was gradually glowing red from the silliness earlier. Flustered, I decided to change the topic quickly.

[S..speaking of which, you have yet to have supper, L..Lord Waisury, do you want to together?]

[kukuku. ……yes, I would be delighted]

With a small laugh, Lord Waisury accepted. I gave instructions to the servants while enduring the embarrassing wait until the meal arrived. Though I am the commander of this unit, this is technically a battlefield. Because of this, the food was not a grand meal like we were used to, but rather a simple vegetable soup and hard bread, ham cow meat, with other simple things like langdo with its distinctive sour taste. Tea was served to keep our throats moist during the meal, and filled one's mouth with soup and bread. As a result of my fatigue, even though the meal was simple I enjoyed it fullheartedly… Yeah, it was delicious! Driven by appetite, the bread seemed to be slowly disappearing from my hands.

I noticed Lord Waisury observing me in amusement.

[Lord Waisury, What's so funny?] I asked pointedly.

[No, no... it's just that the usual stoic Lady Therese looks quite lovely while eating, and I was just admiring your table manners]

[Admiring my manners? I was unaware Lord Waisury had such an interest in me.]

[No, it's not like that!]

[Well... Care to elaborate?]

[Hmm... how should I say this... I did not mean to offend the commander! Hmm... how should I apologise? This is difficult...]

I smiled wryly as Lord Waisury looked seriously flustered by my fake umbrage. I finished eating the second bread. Even though I wanted to eat about six more servings, I felt a little self-conscious seeing how Lord Waisury hadn't even taken a single bite of his food. As I was about to tell him to start eating I heard a loud noise. “PARIN!”, a crash that sounded like broken glass was heard from outside.

[Hm? What sound is th---] I asked Lord Waisury.


Lord Waisury stood up with a face of open astonishment.

[W... what happened Lord Waisury?]

[My magic barrier, It was broken! I don't know what or who broke it, but I'm certain it's an enemy. Please commander, get equipped quickly! ]

In the short time Lord Waisury finished his sentence, the enemy's attack had quickly begun. I could hear roaring sounds outside. Suddenly the ground and tent was shaken violently from the impact of something. “BATABATABATA”. Fortunately our military grade tent was made of sturdy fabric. The battle cries outside the tent began to escalate. I paid close attention to create an overview of the situation.

[Enemy attack-----!!! Enemy attack----!!]

[All units prepare for combat! Move if you don't want to die!!]

[Argh--!!! UWAAAAA----!!!!!]

[My arm, my AARRRMmmm!!!]

[Confirmed! Bombardment of sorcery. Enemy has a mage! Take cover!]


[Enemy confirmed. The enemy is an undead army! I repeat, a large army of the undead!]

[DON’t Die, Don’t You DiE DAmmmit!!]

[Cold...... So cold, mamaaaaa]

[Spread out! They're being controlled by sorcery!!]

Hearing the voices and screams outside the tent, I hurriedly equipped my armor and magic blade [Moon Sword]. Lastly, I put on my cloak of enchantment (strengthened by an exclusive blacksmith), which acts as a substitute for a shield. As my preparation was completed, I could hear footsteps at the back of the tent. I knew the two who entered well.

[Excuse me, Commander]

[The enemy is a Black Skeleton army! In addition a Hobgoblin Mage has been spotted]

I was calm while listening to their report, I gave orders to the two adjutants – Behn, a 22 years old Priest and Levias, a swordsman equipped with red armour.

[Annihilate the enemy. Come with us. Lord Waisury!]

[Of course! To victory!]

[Yes, of course!]

I honestly abhor needless bloodshed. However, my men depended on me to take the initiative. In order to save the lives of my men, I must take the life of the enemy. With my resolution set, we proceed to the battlefield. Determined to win.

As she walked out to fight, Therese's eyes filled with resolve, she was a figure of noble beauty, brimming with confidence that she will lead her men to victory. What Therese at this moment doesn't know….is that this is an enemy unlike any she had ever faced. 

Outside a tent is burning with crimson flame in the moonlit night, while it's not ideal, this does provides enough light for fighting. However it is difficult to gauge an accurate number of the enemies, especially with the skeletons being black. There might also be additional ambushes in the forest where light doesn't reach.

My fighting spirit began to sag as I consider the possibility that this is just one portion of a larger ambush. Quickly I banished such negative thoughts and summoned my courage with a battle cry. I rush to join the affray! 

As per the report it was an undead army of skeletons. I noticed the strength & durability of these Black Skeletons were unusually high, in additional many had abilities which made them even more difficult to kill. The levels of skeletal monster species can be estimated by the [Soul Tools] on their body, our enemies with their whole body protected by armor, indicates they’re all high level monsters. Why are there so many high level monsters in this one place?

But, even so I advanced. I must not back down. Because you can never stop on the battlefield. Fortunately, the moon is out tonight. Moonlight strengthens my blade [Moon Sword]. It was the ideal time for its maximum ability to be exhibited.

From the front, a Black Skeleton Knight advanced. It's wearing black iron gauntlets, holding a huge gold two-handed axe. It can deal enormous damage with its weight, combined with the monster's physical strength it's also swung at a high speed. Skeletons without muscle are a problem because they move with magic and are more powerful than they look… Fortunately, not so fast that I can't easily deal with them.

Faster, sharper, with direct movement and concentrating on the stabbing trajectory, I stepped forward. My murderous intent obvious in the blade.

【Therese E Eckermann used Battle Technique [Sanctuary Rose]】

【Magic sword - Moon Sword's Unique Ability activated】

A faint red light illuminated on my magic sword, absorbing additional magic from the moon to generate a whirlwind.


The Black Skeleton with the two-handed axe was caught in Moon Sword's whirlwind trajectory, it caused it to miss my side with his swing and makes a slash mark in the ground. My own attack though was accurate, with my sword point lightly piercing the skeleton skull. Though I wanted to penetrate through the skull, like most Skeleton species it has resistance to piercing attacks. That said, this skeleton was already defeated. The red light that surrounded my blade penetrate into skeleton, next, patterns of red roses spread throughout the skeletal body.

All [Temple Knight]'s have a Battle Technique called [Sanctuary Rose] that generates patterns of red rose's with [Holy] attribute that are fatal for most undead species. Floating red rose pattern spread throughout the body and smoke begin to rise from the body of the Black Skeleton Knight as it loses its power. The [Holy] attribute breaks it's binding strength and the bones shatters. Trampling and kicking away its remains, while looking to take on the next skeleton coming to attack, I shouted. 

[Behn, is the large area undead turning technique not ready yet?]

[Please wait a little bit, Commander]

[Careful Commander! Your back is full of openings]

[---, thank you, Levias]

[you say so, but your back is also defenseless!]

[Uwa, Hot! Too close, Waisury-san!]

[Wahaha, Sorry! But you should not be careless on the Battlefield]

From Lord Waisury masses of flame are released, three skeletons are burnt simultaneously. They continue to move, Levias had to crush them with his blade. Luckily once burnt, they became quite fragile.

We can fight while helping each other. But overall the situation was dire. The surrounding soldiers are respectively holding ground somehow. But I don’t know for how long as the enemies are strong & relentless. I told myself we just need to hold on until Behn can successfully cast the large area undead turning. It will purify or weaken the skeletons in a 50m radius. This will turn the battle!

'However, life is not so simple… Life is cruel....'






In a battlefield that was chaotic with screams of friend and foe, this howl was heard over the sound of the whole battle! Who or what is capable of such a howl?!?

The ground shook, from the core of my body I was shaken. An intimidating howl that was close to what a dragon or a giant monster would use. It was a magnificent opening attack. While holding my ears reflexively, I look in the direction i hear the roar from. 

And. There. It. Was. 

A number of red tattoo's covered its whole body, riding on a Hind Bear that should have been the strongest monster in this forest. A Black Ogre with a silver left arm, surveying the battlefield with the air of a general!

A Black Ogre?!  It wore leather pants and was bare-chested like the average Ogre. But unlike other Ogres I had fought in the past who depended on brute strength and simple weapons (clubs), in this Ogre's hand was a huge halberd. I can tell that this Ogre was very skillful from the way he's holding the halberd.

Since common Ogres generally have brown skin. This black Ogre must be a subspecies instead of a common Ogre. Furthermore the black skin strongly suggests some [Divine Protection] have been given by a great god like the [God of Origin and End]. Additional blessing from other gods might also be present judging from the depth of that color, perhaps the [God of Death] and [God of Netherworld]?

Clearly this is a formidable enemy. However, with his appearance I was finally able to understand where this army of Black Skeletons came from. They must be summoned by this Ogre. It might be too early to judge, yet my intuition tells me that this Ogre must be the cause.

Well, the objective is clear, concentrate on the Ogre. If you kill the summoner, the skeletons will be banished.

[Everyone concentrate on killing that Black Ogre! Behn, Quickly cast the undead turning! Then use your support Magic's on all members!]

[Understood Commander.]

[Lord Waisury with magic from the back! Levias with me! Others support! That is the opponent we must kill! Attack it at once!]


Leading my subordinates, I rushed to the vanguard.

As I began running, skeleton's that stood in the way began to disappear or had their movements slowed. Behn finally managed to cast the large area undead turning! I crushed the skeletons that were weakened or barged them away as we approached to attack the Black Ogre. At the same time an unexpected voice was heard.

[Their problem solving ability is average, but their magic equipment is of high quality.]

The black Ogre was speaking human language fluently! Normally, even the intelligent Ogre mage could only manage to speak in simple short phrases. Yet this black Ogre was conversing like an average human!

Though genuinely startled, there is no stopping now. No, we cannot stop! We charged! The support magic from Behn starts to take affect at the same time. My sprint speed increased dramatically. My body felt light like a feather.

The Ogre looked shocked at seeing us quicken suddenly, this was an opportunity!

In order to adjust to the height of the black Ogre heart that rode on the Hind bear, I jumped, the impact as I took off crushed the ground underneath. This was no normal jump. At that speed my body looked like a shot arrow, my body flew. As the height of my trajectory was adjusted, I got into position and quickly aimed at the heart. In the same way as when the Black Skeleton Knight was slaughtered earlier, murderous intent is put in the blade, red light glowed- 

【Therese E Eckermann uses Battle Technique [Sanctuary Rose]】

It's one of the strongest blows among the jobs that I have. Because it is an Ogre, [Holy] magic would not affect it like a Skeleton. Thus I chose the Battle Technique linked directly to spiritual damage, [Spirit of Light] attributes [Sanctuary Rose].

If the heart is pierced through with this, even if the Ogre has strong vitality, it will still be enough for a fatal wound. This I know from other Ogres I had slaughtered in the past. Even if it's a subspecies, it cannot be that different! I became a deadly flash hurdling through the air! This enemy cannot respond to my speed. Even if it's able to react, with my whirlwind ability I should be able to divert any potential mortal blow.

I was convinced it will work. 

But the result was that my attack does not even reach him, as my body is suddenly hurled up into the sky.  What happened? I lost my bearings as I struggle to process what had occurred.


The impact of being caught by my subordinates knocked me back to reality. Going through in my mind at what just happened, while watching the smug attitude of the black Ogre, I understood. I was scooped up. He used the flat axe-head of the halberd like a shovel, at a speed that I could not perceive, yet gentle enough that I did not feel pain, to launched me into the sky from below!

As I contemplate this turn of event I gasped, “Buwa”. A cold sweat broke out. I did not even see the halberd move.  If the black Ogre was serious, I would have been killed with a single blow. Yet why am I still alive? 

I realized the answer straight away.

[Alright! You, I will capture alive. You look like you will be useful in other ways.] 

The black Ogre was appraising me. Keeping me alive as he felt like I was a waste to kill! He quickly made that decision even as I launched my first attack... That I posed no danger whatsoever! Certain as I was that this was the reason, my anger began welling up. I have my pride as a noble born daughter and a knight. But most importantly my pride as a warrior! I will not accept being dismissed so hastily! 

[Get serious! You're just a mere Ogre, I will cut you down!]

[Heh! You show courage. You seem to be a fine woman!]

[My name Therese East Eckermann! Serving the Sternbild Kingdom's Princess as knight. I will show you my full power. If you can defeat me, I'm yours to command!]

[My name is Ogarou. Currently I’m serving as a mercenary team leader. Just one bit of advice - attack me with full power!]

[Of course. From now on words are unnecessary, we speak with our blades.]

[Aa, let’s do it!]

After the formal introduction. At lightning speed the halberd was swung at my head!

Fast! Just a simple, direct blow. It's velocity cannot be compared with the axe of the Black Skeleton Knight earlier. In addition splashes of water can be seen to jump slightly from the edge. Some form of magic must be crafted into the axe-head! Still, I tried to deflect the halberd with my blade's whirlwind without panicking; But at the same time I realized the whirlwind had dissipated!

Before considering the cause, I jumped sideways reflexively. Without the whirlwind, this is not a blow that can be blocked. There was not even time to consider other defensive maneuvers, I rolled on the ground in an awkward manner. My armor is stained by soil. A small price to pay for avoiding that blow.

[You have good reflexes. I want you even more now!]

[You! You have some strange powers don't you?]

[Really? What makes you say that?]

[Clearly you are abnormal!]

While the Black Ogre's attention was on me. Levias took the chance to ambush from behind with his magic scimitar -Flamecutter-, smoothly swinging to the black Ogre's blindside. The timing for the surprise attack was perfect. With this sneak attack enchanted with his [Job], he should be able to cut the black Ogre... Or so I thought.

The Ogre blocked the sneak attack with the handle of his halberd. He moved and defended without so much as looking at Levias!

Shocked, as Levias frantically tries to back away, his abdomen was stabbed with the butt end of the halberd. While the damage seems to have been mitigated by his cuirass. It is now pierced by tiny holes with blood flowing out. Clearly the butt end of that halberd is also enchanted. Levias is slowed by the blow. The Ogre's silver arm extends to grab him.

At this rate he will be caught. I spontaneously moved to intercept. Magic from the moon is absorbed and I launched yet another whirlwind. This time directed at the head of his Hind Bear, facing my way. If his steed is taken down, we might have a better chance.

My expectations were proved wrong, once again.


At the top of my sword tip with the projected whirlwind trajectory, suddenly there was water ball. I pierced that orb in the mid-swing, the whirlwind that swirled around my blade was counterbalanced with a whirlpool of water ball that turns in the opposite direction. My gale technique was broken again!

[What the?...]

This is not magic. I did not feel magic being cast, but what is this water ball? Before I could think of an answer, the black Ogre has moved.

[Got a good aim, but...]

The Black Ogre gripped Levias's body with Silver arm, then looked at me with a piercing [Captivating Stare]! At that moment, fear corroded my heart. My body froze, I couldn't move at all! I could not avert from that gaze as he had my eyes locked.

‘I will be killed!’ I thought. That's the eyes of a predator contemplating food…

[Blue Flame Spears]!!

30 burning blue flame spears pass by my paralyzed side with high speed. All directed at the black Ogre that had me paralyzed.

Third level magic [Blue Flame Spears]! It must be our [High Wizard], Lord Waisury!

Just one blue flame spear had more than enough power to kill a mere Ogre. Even if it’s more powerful than a normal Black Skeleton Soldier. Once hit the fire continues to burn until you’re nothing but charcoal. Just being nearby, my body could feel the intense heatwave. Even if it’s an Ogre subspecies, he cannot survive a third level spell!

But this spell was also easily broken. I could hear the small voice of the black Ogre as he muttered, [---Too slow!]

As each approaching flame spear flew towards the Ogre they're dissipated one by one. Each blazed fiercely, but are subsequently snuffed out. All 30 [Blue Flame Spears] disappeared in only 3 seconds, burning nothing at all, leaving the Ogre sitting on his Hind Bear unharmed.

I can only deduce that the Ogre somehow smashed each spear. But how?

Lord Waisury's angry voice come from behind.

[Lady Therese! Retreat! Quickly!]

‘Ha!’ I thought. As if it's that easy.

Did he used his silver arm to break the [Blue Flame Spears]...?  It had let Levias go with the silver arm (who retreated further away to accepted treatment). The only one left close to the black Ogre was me. I panicked and retreated several steps.

Though it looked prepared for pursuit. Suddenly the black Ogre paused and spoke while staring into space.

[Hmm. That magician will be useful. That's right Ogakichi-kun! Capture the group in that direction!]

I was perplexed,

[What are you talking about?!?]

[Oh, I just had to confirm the target a bit!]


My voice was interrupted as several soldiers close to the black Ogre were suddenly dismembered. Blood erupted from their wounds as their organs and limbs are sent flying in all directions. Furthermore, the corpses were all scorched violently.

What had happened? There, appeared a second Ogre with red-copper colored skin! It had an even bigger body. In its hands was a huge double edged battle axe that matches it's physique and a huge black tower shield which covered three-quarters of his big frame. At first glance, it looked like a city wall. Finally it too is flanked by a Hind Bear, even if it's not another black Ogre it still felt dangerous.

[Ogarou! Me kill and eat all?]

[Well, you can if they are average.]

[Understand. Strong ones catch! Others eat?]

[Ah, That's good. Go quickly!]

The red-copper Ogre nodded then together with his Hind Bear, they ran off to my fighting soldier's place. They're fast, 30 meters was instantly traversed. The battle axe was swung horizontally like he was mowing weeds as the bodies of the several soldier are cut apart. Leaving only charred corpses in his wake.

That must be a magic battle axe. In fact it must be a considerably high ranked magic item. I have no time to consider how an Ogre could gain such an item as I returned my attention to the black Ogre.

Though the red copper Ogre is not something you should take your eyes off, the black Ogre is much more dangerous.

As I slowly measured our distances, A voice came to my ear. It's unique sound can only mean it's being delivered via magic.

『Lady Therese please buy me a little time, with my trump card, I will kill the black Ogre!』

[Acknowledged, how much time you need?]

『I know it's unreasonable, but I will need 2 minutes. If possible, pin down that Silver arm. Or better yet, cut it off altogether.』

[It will be tough, but I'll try!]

『Please do so.』

Lord Waisury's voice disappears, chanting was heard from behind. At the same time, I felt the rising magic power. It is manipulated at an extraordinary speed. It swells up steadily, as each component of the complicated spell is completed. Perhaps this is one grade above from before: It must be magic in the fourth level. Magic of this destruction level can crush city walls!

In response for that, the black Ogre descended from his Hind Bear to walk towards us. His eyes were concentrated at the direction of Lord Waisury. Does it intend to interrupt the casting?

We must stop it!

[Use all our powers to protect Lord Waisury from the Ogre! Levias attack from the left! You from right and you from behind! I will take the front. Attack the black Ogre together. Behn use all your Support and Obstruction Magic (Buff's and De-buff's)!]

[Understood, body magic [Odo] on! I'll do my best until the end]

[That son of a bitch! I'll absolutely cut it down!]

[That's the spirit!]

Aligning the timing, we launch our attacks simultaneously. If possible, to kill the black Ogre. Or at the very least, protect Lord Waisury, to buy him time. 

From the requested two minutes. Only one minute had passed. But our troops had already paid a heavy price.

One soldier had his entrails cut out, It was bisected with vertical water edge generated from the axe head of the halberd. Another had his body penetrated by the silver arm as his head was bitten off. A third skewered by the Ogre horn, sat collapsed together with another dead companion. One soldier was burnt to a crisp from flames that were suddenly generated from the halberd's pick. Lightning bolts generated from the halberd's spearhead burnt another poor soldier's entrails...

Our attempts to defeat black Ogre simply left a trail of corpses. I have not even included soldiers who are alive, but sustained heavy injuries, to defeat this black Ogre enormous damage was received by all. The only remaining resistance for the black Ogre, was me alone.

Levias with his broken magic scimitar fell in to the ground. Behn had overused his support magic [Odo] and collapsed from “mana exhaustion’’. Other soldiers also groaned and succumbed to the earth.

Yet the black Ogre still stood there uninjured. Not a single scratch! All our attacks, evaded, blocked or absorbed with skills or mysterious techniques.

[Your plan of attack was effective. From all directions, throwing all that you had at me, simultaneously. It was quite difficult to handle, you have bought a little time, but it ends here!]

Black Ogre comments matter-of-factly.

Strangely his voice held no ridicule, but only praise.

[You bastard, why are you so strong?]

I am not uninjured either. Countless minor cuts throughout my body, in my dominant right arm I suffered a deep laceration and a small knife was stuck in my thigh. The black Ogre had seemingly pulled it out of nowhere to throw it at me. It was so sudden I could not prevent it. Since Behn’s priest group had already collapsed, I cannot expect fast magic healing from others. If there was spare energy I could remove the knife and heal it myself... Not that the black Ogre would let me rest and perform treatment.

It would not be an understatement to say that my troops have been completely destroyed. I can hear my wounded troop's screams as they're being killed…though they might be the lucky ones as the ‘monster's banquet’ is about to begin. The remains of our encampment is now filled with the scent of blood and screams of the wounded. Even without the Black Ogre, my other soldiers were easily being overwhelmed.

[Why are you so strong?]

Laughing uncontrollably to maybe preserve my mind, I screamed at the black Ogre.

[No, you are just weak. You relied on flashy skills, body enhancing [Job] levels and sissy Battle Techniques. You and your troops lacked real training.]

[Our training is insufficient? Everyday we trained! We covered our bodies with blood and sweat and you're saying that was for nothing?!!]

[Aye! It was useless and in vain. You have all been wasting time! Your soldiers fight hoping you're strong enough to kill me, while you're fighting to buy time for the mage to save you! How can someone truly become strong if they fight while relying on other, stronger people?] 

After the black Ogre's speech, I stopped laughing and rage overcame me!

His contempt for all my hard work. For all the effort of my comrades. For the teachers who nurtured me. I felt like i was losing my mind.

Power and energy that was waning began to return, fueled by anger.

[Shut your mouth!!]

I pulled out the knife in my thigh. Ignoring the pain!

Blood pumping out. Ignore the pain!

I run. Ignoring the pain!

The damaged thigh muscle as its yanked and torn off. Ignore the pain!

Fractured bone in the thigh further damaged as I labored. Ignore the pain!

Ignoring the pain, I run. Even if my leg is ruined, I must run!

In my hand my Moon Sword’s silver steel blade filled with burning murderous intent. My body protests in intense pain.

Red light surrounds the blade while white light filled my body.

【Therese E Eckermann uses Battle Technique [Sanctuary Rose]】

【Therese E Eckermann uses Battle Technique [Wind Raid]】

【Magic sword - Moon Sword - Unique Ability activated】

My strongest blow. Raising the dash speed rapidly, adding physical strength enhancement Battle Technique [Wind Raid].

Even if my wounded thigh slowed me somewhat, this trick gave me speed like the wind!

From my high speed enhancement, time seems to slow down. I can see the black Ogre prepare the halberd. Meeting his eyes again, my flames of hatred intensifies.

Kill! That was my only thought! I flew, the last 10 meter traversed within a fraction of a second….

Strike with my [Moon Sword]!

Facing me head on, the black Ogre carelessly throws away his halberd!

My body came to a halt when the impact stopped my momentum.

I hit it! Even if it was a small wound. My sword point is stuck into its chest!

Blood flowed. Red blood same as us. That's, that's, that's…….

My attack, the fastest single blow, finally got through. Even if it's not a mortal wound I can still feel relief.

[With this, I take back some of the things I said. You at least managed to wound me!]

Having consumed so much energy I was close to collapsing. I could only look at the black Ogre's face, and he was smiling.

It was off course still frightening; I have seen him eat a person just a moment ago. But at the same time I can see kindness in his smile.

『Lady Therese, please back away!』

In the space between me and the black Ogre, I heard Lord Waisury's voice. Seems I delivered the promised 2 minutes! I had forgotten about it in my rage. Without turning, I can feel magic of extraordinarily destructive force flying towards us. Lord Waisury is holding it off until I back away, to protect me from its power.

If only that was possible. I know that even a [High Mage] like Lord Waisury cannot hold it forever. But I have no more energy to escape. Maybe I will die if I'm caught in the attack. No, no maybe about it, I'll be dead for sure. But I feel fine about it. I accept it with neither repentance nor regret, only satisfaction.

How strange, my subordinates are almost all dead and I'm about to be killed, yet I feel satisfaction.

Black Ogre with it’s silver arm gripping Moon Sword, looked at me wordlessly.

I spoke,

[Hey! You see it, monster? This wound is my last gift to you]

[Aa, I see it. I gladly took it. I find you fascinating. I won't let you die!]

Before I could protest his arm turned my waist. Before I could process what he had said he moved like a dancer. Though he was huge with incredible strength he was graceful.

The powerful magic that before approached from behind me now has a clear target at the black Ogre's back.

Finally I saw the magic that Lord Waisury has produced, looming over the Ogre's body…

It was a white flame dragon with an elongated body like a snake.

One grade above from even my expectation, this was fifth level magic [Dragon of White Flame]. This is indeed a trump card!

Fifth Grade sorcery [Dragon of White Flame] was a result of combining high level fire and earth magic. If I'm not mistaken, it has a special characteristic, that within a certain period of time, the person who invoked it can direct the spell at will. I saw it with my father on a battlefield once, and I will never forget the scene when thousands of enemy soldiers were mowed down in a few seconds.

That's the power coming towards us. My death will be spectacular! Not so bad I thought. It would be an honor to die from this spell.

[What's that resigned expression? Do you think you will die?]


[As I told you; I won't let you die. Sorry, but that was your promise. The moment I won our fight, your life becomes mine.]

After that the Ogre turned around to face the dragon.

I sat resigned to the inevitable outcome.

The [Dragon of White Flame] doesn't stop. Lord Waisury also, having judged it impossible to save me, begins to direct it. The dragon attacks at the max speed. I also think it's the right decision. Any more hesitation from him, and I would feel insulted by Lord Waisury.

Even the black Ogre won't be safe from the [Dragon of White Flame]'s jaw. Fangs of a white flame are seen as it opens its mouth, the flesh and blood of this black Ogre will be evaporated in an instant and I will join him in the end.

Even if its a subspecies, it's just an Ogre. Facing destruction without peer.

Yet again. This black Ogre far surpassed my imagination.

I do not fully understand what happened next.

One moment the white flame dragon is approaching from black Ogre's back. The next moment it is destroyed by one black Ogre attack. The scene's absolutely impossible for me to express with mere words.

Something happened as the Ogre's back made contact with the body of the [Dragon of White Flame]. As it's suddenly collapsed and dissipates.

The only 3 people left to witness it was me, Levias and Lord Waisury as he staggered with “mana exhaustion”.

I fainted after that, I do not remember properly what happened afterwards.

I can only say one thing for sure: The black Ogre had without a doubt won. 

Sometime after I asked Ogarou what was the technique he used to slaughter the [Dragon of White Flame]. It was a combination attack mixed with his void magic, water and air magic. He called it [Shock Back]. A combination of several offensive abilities.

When explaining in detail, first he created a membrane of water using [Hydro Hand], stretched around his body. Using [Aero-Master] he created a vacuum within the water membrane protecting his body.

Then on top of that double defense membrane he used his silver arm’s ability [Self Evolution] to strengthen his natural void magic system to the third grade magic: [Destroy all with Darkness] which summons three pyramid-shaped shields.

These three shields might look like they are for defense, but at the same time they had the attribute of his [Spear of the End] spell.

So with Ogarou's three End-shields and his self-made [Shock Back] skill extruded at high speed; It was enough to crushed the [White Flame Dragon] from the front.

What a complete monster. In fact he's a monster among monsters. A freak of nature that doesn't follow any logic.

After all that's said and done; as promised, I yielded this body of mine to Ogarou. My vow as a knight doesn't allow me to break this promise. At least, my chivalry remains.

I now devote myself to Ogarou till my life ends...

...Well after the first night anyway. I was upset and stabbed him in the heart since I had not expected our first night together to be so violent. I knew he would be okay as a wound with that knife would not be an issue. Now life with Ogarou is not so bad.

Ogarou I found, as I spend more time with him, is a surprisingly good man.

Day 68 == Sidestory: Female Knight's POV == Sidestory: Ogakichi's POV