Day 68

Day 68

At three in the morning we ran in the forest still shrouded in darkness.

We're not taking all our members because we needed mobility above all else; I sat on Kumajirou at the lead with only 36 people with me riding Familiars. The others have stayed in the cave.

The reason we're moving now is to launch a surprise attack on the human army’s garrison one of my clones discovered.

The force we were attacking had around 800 people. If you include the Familiars we had 73. There was too big a difference in numbers, if we were to attack head on, it would result in our deaths.

Even for me, attacking an enemy who not only is large in numbers, but whose combat abilities I do not completely understand is just too risky.

However, at night the situation was in our favor.

If I continue summoning Black Skeletons and Zombies we’re unlikely to lose to their superior numbers. It'd be bad if I exhausted my magic to create the undead, but I can absorb the mana accumulated in the darkness so I won’t run out.

If it gets dangerous we can simply escape. It would be extremely difficult for humans, who don’t have night vision like us, to pursue.

Therefore, we launched the surprise attack; we didn’t even need to retreat. It took around an hour to completely wipe them out.

The operation went smoothly.

We approached secretly.

→We had detected the lookouts in the semi-transparent barrier around us.

→We had scattered about in order to encircle them.

→After confirming everyone was in place, I destroyed the barrier with a javelin made from my Demise magic, then Asue-chan surrounded them with a four meter high mud wall.

→Then I signaled the mages. Dhammi-chan, Supesei-san, and the best of the mage corps created explosions all over the enemy lines. In an instant, several hundred units of the humans were dead.

→While I was generating approximately 10 undead a second, I had changed my left arm into a ballista and was firing spears created by my Demise magic.

→After brutally killing the small-fry in ten seconds, a silver armored Female Knight accompanied by a white clergyman, a crimson swordswoman, and a jet black magician, plus some others, exited the large tent in the center, clearing a portion of the Zombies and Black Skeletons.

→Their concentrated attack kept the Black Skeletons at bay.

→While this was going on the beautiful women were taken prisoner. We didn't take any of the ugly ones.

→With my halberd in hand on the back of my Hind Bear Kumajirou and Black Wolf Leader Kurosaburo at our side I rode to meet the remaining elite forces. Ogakichi-kun with his Hind Bear followed me while Supesei-san sat atop her Hind Bear chanting spells. After me Dhammi-chan wielding [Drop of Moonlight], her claymore of ice, in one hand while spreading [Eyes of Bewitchment], Asue-chan smiling with her gigantic War Pick, and Burasato-san who changed into a red knight, simultaneously releasing 30 blood swords into the surroundings followed.

→An unrivaled stampede; a perfect subjugation.

→The fight ended with this.

If I look back, it was a cruel battle. No, this might have been a one-sided humiliation.

Well, I’ll put that aside.

The undead shouldered all of the injuries; so we had no casualties. It looks like the women, besides the exceptional ones, will be killed. I think it’s likely that after their defeat most of the humans will be gone. Just in case, I’ll scatter the black skeletons throughout the surroundings.

They have until sunlight before they are purified, but even if they vanish, since they are only insurance, it won't be an problem

We gained prisoners that will become necessary for breeding; in addition there was a large amount of army provisions. I gained a lot, especially women and magical items.

Moreover, since the longer I wait to eat my prey decreases the chance of me securing an ability, I found the best the specimens and ate them then and there.

Ability 【Braveheart】 learned

Ability 【Trip】 learned

Ability 【Army Leadership】 learned

Ability 【Job-Captain】 learned

Ability 【Job-Heavy Swordsman】 learned

Ability 【Job-Minstrel】 learned

Ability 【Speed Reading】 learned

Ability 【Job-Strategist】 learned

Ability 【Smithing】 learned

Ability 【Improved Evasion Rate】 learned

Ability 【Large Spin Slash】 learned

Ability 【Cross Slash】 learned

Ability 【Hard Qigong】 learned

Ability 【Soft Qigong】 learned

Ability 【Job-Spearman】 learned

Ability 【Job-Slave】 learned

Ability 【Job-Farmer】 learned

Ability 【Job-Monk】 learned

Ability 【Unilateral Sense of Justice】 learned

Ability 【Pure Faith】 learned

Ability 【Mindless Acceptance】 learned

Ability 【Chain-Soul】 learned

Ability 【Job-Heavy Warrior】 learned

Ability 【Job-Light Warrior】 learned

This is gre~at.

I’m so glad I joined the war.

Afterwards, we took the captives, who were put to sleep with toxins, and the loot home. Aphrodisiacs similar to the ones I gave elite Elves were administered to the women we brought into the prison.

The human males we drugged were not as attractive as Elf males. The plan is to have the men do manual labor and become information sources.

Since the men will be doing something different than the women, they will be put in slave collars immediately.

My only compassion is to not killing them. I wonder if I should have them work until they die.

Well, I wonder how many days the women can endure their urges. I sent a report to Father Elf-san detailing what happened and what we gained from the battle.

I was very surprised by the report we got just before noon; if this is right, then five barrels of Elven wine will be brought here directly by Father Elf-san and his escort and will arrive at approximately 3pm.

“I see, cheers.”

After a light alcohol gathering, Father Elf-san went home.

Well then, how are the prisoners? I think I’ll go and see; my patience is at it’s limits. I only reacted to the courageously fighting Female Knight-san I fought against; her haughty manner was amazing.

Huh? A great nobleman's daughter? hee~, hmm. That doesn't mean anything to me as I am now.

After all, I’m not human, I’m an Ogre now.

The circumstances of a human are irrelevant to monsters. But, I’ll allow it for now.

Afterwards, I loaned the male prisoners to the Goblin and Kobold females who requested them. The men’s reactions were amusing.

But Female Knight-san and the women's first partner naturally has to be me...

Day 67 == Day 68 == Sidestory: Female Knight's POV

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