Day 67

Day 67

Six messengers from Father Elf-san arrived a little past noon. Though they came without an appointment, I let them through to hear what they had to say, and because I understood they weren't trying to be rude.

The elite elves were participating in the training in the great hall when we entered and spread out immediately. However, the messengers and others never said anything.

Only for an instant did they give them scornful glances towards them.

Right now, because of [Conceal] that I added to their cuffs, the elite elves seem to possess darker bodies, so they look like Dark Elves. I don't think the Elf messengers will notice they were from the same Elf village with just a glance.

As for the why they gave them scornful looks, in fantasy it is often the case that "light" and "dark" elves have a bad relationship. Considering that, I'm sure that's the case here as well. This is good.

When the elite elves were practicing, it looked like some of the Elf messengers wanted to say something, but in the end they said nothing. After being gone such a long time, the elite Elves could no longer return.

Afterwards, I brought the Elf messengers to my workshop that was also my private room. I served the tea that I received from Father Elf-san. Unfortunately, I don't have a sofa, I only have a single chair made from my thread.

The one that sat down probably had the role of negotiatiator; the others seemed to be escorts.

Their side started the conversation.

Although I was already aware it was gonna happen, the human army seemed to have arrived at last. They were using the routes I told the Elves about before. Apparently they brought a tremendous amount of military forces.

Even with the magic items I gave them, the Elves are still anxious about the fight with the human army. The hole left behind when I made the Elite Elves my subordinates was quite large, so they came to us to request assistance.

If these Elves knew what happened to them they didn't show any signs of it. They only said they went missing as a result of the idiot who mobilized them for his own personal use.

They said their whereabouts are still unknown. The Elves searched for any signs of them but because nothing had come up by now they assumed they were dead.

At any rate, I wonder if Father Elf-san manipulated the information, I'm grateful if so.

After exchanging pleasantries, we started to talk about the request.

So, our mission in a nutshell is to either repel or destroy the Human army! It would be good if it was within our capabilities to destroy them. We can strategically retreat, but running from the enemy wouldn't be allowed. Although I don't think the meaning will change much.

The reward was 40 sets of Mithril short swords, round shields, and chain mail, 10 Mithril ingots, 3000 Mithril arrows, and general magic items that produced light, etc.

Based on my achievements, it seems they would give us even more. We also could keep any items we plundered.

They asked whether I would accept these terms and of course I said yes.

My only condition was that we would be able to operate freely. Instead of fighting head on, guerrilla tactics is what will bring us victory. Fighting straight on would be a last resort.

For the sake of easily exchanging information, I gave the Elf messenger a bracelet with the communication feature to give to Father Elf-san.

After seeing them off they returned to the Elven Village, I dispatched one my clones as a scout. Collecting information on how the war was progressing would be extremely important.

At any rate, the mercenary corps << Parabellum >> had their first job.

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