Day 67

Day 67

Six messengers from Father Elf-san arrived a little past noon. Although they came without an appointment, I let them in to hear what they have to say because they were courteous.

The elite elves were training in the great hall when we entered, however, the messengers didn't say anything when they saw them.

They just directed scornful stares for a moment at them.

Right now, because of [Conceal] that I added to their ear cuffs, the elite elves' bodies have a dark tone of color, they looked like [Dark Elves]. So even if they're elite soldiers from the same village, the messengers will not be able to recognize them.

As for the reason why they gave them scornful looks, that's because in this world Forest and Dark elves have bad terms with each other just like in fantasy stories. This is really convenient for me.

When the elite elves who were practicing saw the messengers they tried to say something, but in the end they didn't say anything. It's probably because they know that after attaching the ear cuffs they don't have any place in « The Elves' Village » anymore.

I brought the messengers to my workshop which was also my private room and served some of the tea that I received from Father Elf-san. Unfortunately, I don't have a sofa, I only have a single chair made from my threads.

The one that sat down probably had the role of the negotiatiator, the others seem to be his escorts.

Their side started the conversation.

Although I have already expected it the instant I saw the messengers coming, it seems like the human army started advancing in the forest at last. They were using the routes I told the Father Elf-san about before. Apparently they brought a considerably big army.

Even with the magic items I gave them, the elves are still anxious about the fight with the human army. The hole left behind when I made the elite elves my subordinates was quite large, so they came to us to request assistance.

Apparently, the messengers didn't know what happened to them. They said that they went missing when a candidate for the succession of one of the big noble elf clans that had a troublesome personality mobilized them arbitrarily.

They said that their whereabouts are still unknown. Although they want to continue searching for them, they don't have the time for that in their current situation, they're taking the stance that the elite elves are already dead.

I wonder if Father Elf-san manipulated with the investigation behind the scenes to stop it, I'm grateful if so.

After exchanging pleasantries, we started to talk about the request.

So, our mission in a nutshell is to either repel or destroy the human army, but it would be better if we destroy it if it's possible. A strategic withdrawal is allowed, but running away from the enemy wouldn't be allowed. Though I don't think the meaning will change much in our case.

T/N: the difference between a strategic withdrawal and simply running away is that a strategic withdrawal maintains the army's integrity while withdrawing, while the word running here implies deserting. But Ogarou have a solid leadership, so for him a strategic withdrawal is no different than running from the enemy. ~Obarou

The reward is 40 sets of Mithril short swords, round shields, and chain mail, 10 Mithril ingots, 3000 Mithril arrows, and general every-day life magic items that produce light, etc.

Furthermore, based on our achievements, they may give us even more. We also can keep any items we loot from the army. They were pretty good conditions.

When they asked whether I would accept these terms or not, of course I said yes.

However, my only condition was that we would be able to operate freely. Instead of fighting head on, we're planning to fight using guerrilla tactics. Fighting head on will be only our last resort.

For the sake of easily exchanging information, I gave them a bracelet with the ear cuffs' communication feature to deliver to Father Elf-san. It's good that I made it beforehand in my free time.

After seeing them off, I dispatched my clones to scout. Conforming the war's situation and collecting information on the enemy's movement is extremely important.

This is the mercenary corps << Parabellum >>'s first job.

T/N: Parabellum is the latin for "prepare for war". ~Obarou

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