Day 66

Day 66

Today was the first time it rained in quite a while, so I decided to go bother Redhead, Blacksmith-san, the Sisters, and Alchemist-san. Well, they’re usually asleep together at nights and running errands during day, this gave me very little time to pamper them by themselves.

After earning [Noire Soldier], Redhead’s attacks were relentlessly brutal. Up until now, she was equal in terms of skill but fell short in terms of raw strength. She really is beginning to catch up.

Lately, she’s been coming to me saying “Come train with me, I wanna spar” which I find adorable. Hard to explain it.

You know that feeling when a puppy come over to play showing it's adorable face? A miniature toy dog at that, wagging its all over the place. Something like that I suppose.

To most, she might resemble a fierce doberman, I on the other hand see a little puppy running up to me.

And that’s how I spent the morning, playing with Redhead.

I’m gonna bother Blacksmith-san next.

Lately the Elves Kirue and Arue ― these were the ones guarding the foolish male Elf from before, anyway I’ll just refer to them as “Guard Elves” for simplicity ― have been enthusiastic about crafting mithril alloys. The workshop was littered with knives and shortswords.

The Guard Elves were the only ones among the Elves I captured that could craft with Mithril. Giving the task to them is what I’d call having the right man for the right job.

Apparently those two are daughters from a good family with a splendid lineage.

By the way, not all Elves are familiar with Mithril crafting. Blacksmith families passed the technique down through the generations; that is why most Elves aren’t familiar with the process and can’t craft with it. These two were elites who not only received training but also had crafting passed onto them by their lineage.

Well, there is a limit to how much two people can make, but that can’t be helped.

I put in a request with for a repeating crossbow. Blacksmith-san and the Guard Elves were each trying to come up with something. I was wondering if there was a successful development. I wanted them to tell me when it was ready.

The repeating crossbow loses out to the conventional bow in range, but that doesn't matter, it rains havoc on the opposition. Note: a repeating crossbow is a real weapon.

It seems Blacksmith-san’s been doing great lately. Prototypes of many new weapons have been made and tested by trainee Goblins.

The results seem promising. We had many new weapons in our arsenal.

I wanted to them to mass produce the repeating crossbow. Taking the opportunity of me being here, the Guard Elves took the mithril that was extracted from my silver arm as an ingot. Though the composition of the mithril taken from my silver arm was close it’s still a counterfeit, with this my personal products will be made as I ask for them.

A blushing Blacksmith-san, with her chest puffed out in pride is too lovely. Without realizing it, my mouth was hanging open.

After that, we exchanged various opinions.

I went to the Sisters place in the evening.

Recently they have been working hard at their new job [Chief Cook], being in charge of preparing food for the Goblin commanders.

Since they ate frequently, if the Sisters didn’t start cooking early there wouldn’t be enough. Fortunately their utensils, that Blacksmith-san made, could be put to multiple uses; at any rate, the kitchen had become similar to a battlefield.

I decided to join in. I started chopping the food. Even if I look like this, I can still cook fairly well.

While I was glad when Aoi cooked, despite being able to study and exercise, among other things, Aoi was a terrible cook. I had the pitiable experience of eating her food.

That Aoi.. I wonder what happened to her after I was stabbed. Note: Aoi = the stalker from the very start.

After the rice preparation was finished I worked until evening came. Together with the two sisters, we started brainstorming up new food kinds to make.

The goal was the reproduction of food from my previous life. Right now, potato chips could be made as well as other foods. The ingredients available were completely different from my previous existence, I thought they'd be hard to make, but after I consulted with the two sisters, they finished it relatively quickly, so I wasn't worried.

The food quest was interesting.

After the meal I visited Alchemist-san.

Recently Alchemist-san had devoted herself to manufacturing an original magical item using skeleton bones; the results of which I hadn't seen yet.

I was planning to check on the progress now.. So, I headed over to ask her about it. She wouldn't tell me. It was anti-climatic.

However, she did have a surprise for me.

She showed me the whittled bones of a Black Skeleton she had made into rustic black stakes. There were 10 of them, supposedly their ability was "a person stabbed by this is unable to leave for a fixed amount of time".

"Amazing, I’m really impressed with these; I'll make sure to cherish them,” I said.

It seems like Alchemist-san gained a new [Job], but she's being quiet about it.

Nevertheless, I think her lovely way of speaking attached to the smiling face is foul play; an ordinarily cool girl that displays impish behavior.

While flirting stealthily, just like before, the intruders started coming in one after another.

I definitely won’t say what happened afterwards.

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