Day 65

Day 65

It was a success. What was? Ogakichi-kun's confession, of course.

Ogakichi-kun reported this to me, blushing, after I woke up today before pairing up for kata with him that had become my daily routine before morning practice.

Well, I expected it to be a success so I was not surprised. Perhaps Ogakichi-kun did not realize it, but Asue-chan had fallen for him since some time ago.

The intelligence that Asue-chan had already consulted with Dhammi-chan about it had fallen into my hands, so the rumor was definitely true.

There really was no worry about him getting rejected; I even secretly shared all the details of yesterday's strategy meeting with Dhammi-chan using the cuff-type communication devices in order to buy time to orchestrate their meeting properly.

The fact that things turned out this way was all a matter of course.

The only thing I was worried about is whether he would get too excited last night and break Asue-chan.

TL Note : He’s an Ogre, but Asue-chan should be just as big.

Well, I mentioned previously that I had put Ogakichi-kun in charge of the male elves so he could get advance practice, but there was precedent where he broke various things his first time with a partner that had a 1 meter difference in physical size. He was assigned a 2 meter tall Elf, the biggest of them, and right now the Elf is being healed by Hobuji-kun and kept in bed.

Asue-chan is currently the top miner of spirit stones that pop up around the area, because of the influence of Velvet's Dungeon, and various rare metals, so it would put a dent in work efficiency if she couldn't work.

The current Asue-chan is an excavator-like existence.

I wonder if I should regulate her plans.

That was what I was thinking, but as far as the reports I've heard, everything seems to be fine.

Maybe  it was thanks it not being Ogakichi-kun's first time, or that Asue-chan is tough, or because he honored the promise he made with me last night at the strategy meeting, it seems he was able to do it in moderation. It's a pleasant thing.

At any rate, during today's kumite, Ogakichi-kun was so spirited he took several of my punches.

Note: kumite is similar to kata in that it ‘s one of the three main sections of karate training.

With trembling knees he was still smiling. His high spirit after taking the hits was so frustrating I might have to make some black Skeletons to let out my feelings on. I started on that immediately.

Sparring finished at noon. Ogakichi-kun and I were heading out to go capture Hind Bears when Dhammi-chan and Asue-chan came up and said they wanted to come along.

When I asked Asue-chan about how her mining was progressing, she said she had been steadfastly working all morning and had met her quota, so for the first time in a while the four of us went hunting.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to encounter any Hind Bears as we hoped, but we succeeded in hunting:

5 Stamp Boars

6 Poison Mantises with 1-meter bodies and sickles dripping with purple venom

4 Rhinoceros Beetles with 1-meter long horns and lustrous black iron-like exoskeletons

5 Argiope

4 Demon Spiders

3 Messenger Locusts grey-shelled and 60cm long

11 Yellow Monkeys with yellow fur and strangely-growing tails.

As expected from an area that we haven't been to before, there were lots of monsters that I hadn't eaten yet. Unfortunately, the shelled insect-types like the Poison Mantises and Rhinoceros Beetles would be poisonous if anyone else ate them, so the stock of the area weren't great.

Unfortunately. Yeah, Unfortunately.

I stripped the parts that didn't seem to have any use off them and tossed them in my item box. I crunchingly ate what was left. Feeling awkward that I was the only one eating, I had the other three eat two Yellow Monkeys each.

Ability [Molt] learned

Ability [Elytron Generation] learned

Ability [End Edge] learned

Ability [Silent Kill] learned

Ability [Horn Blow] learned

Ability [Dissonance] learned

Ability [Parasite] learned

Ability [Improved Jumping Power] learned

Ability [Strong Vitality] learned

Ability [Exoskeleton] learned

Ability [Wrought Iron Shell Armor] learned

Ability [Surging Combat Instinct] learned

Ability [Cold Vulnerability] learned

I became a henshin hero.

TL Note:

Well, when I ate the rhinoceros beetle I obtained [Exoskeleton]. My personal armor I was wearing that was created from the red bear was immediately taken the instant I activated it. The carapace had a unique red luster to it and I looked a humanoid stag-beetle that was 2 meters and 50 cm tall. I was completely covered by the armor.

I couldn't figure out why it made me look like a stag beetle when I ate a Rhinoceros Beetle. My horns must be to blame.

When I focused on my slightly curved, sword-like, pair of horns, I could get them to move. As a test I held a tree in between them, and *slash*, I was able to cut it. I didn't feel the slightest bit of resistance, my horns were very sharp.

I could really get used to this.

I looked over exoskeleton for a bit.

I assumed I could figure out how the skeletal structure worked, which was awfully easy to move in yet extremely sturdy. I tested it by having Ogakichi-kun hit me and while the part he hit was dented a little, I did not feel any pain. It seems like there was a mechanism incorporated into it that reduced damage by dispersing the impact throughout the exoskeleton.

Moreover, it felt like wearing the armor I used when I was deployed for work before my reincarnation, a power suit made from biometal. Eventually I got used to it and I didn't have even a slight feeling of my movement being obstructed.

Moreover, the exoskeleton seemed to even have power assist. I couldn't find any faults in it. Well, maybe being too conspicuous is one.

Yeah, well, this was an extremely good ability.

Only, after a brief test, I apparently will be stark naked as soon if I dismiss the [Exoskeleton]. It was okay though, since I had the trousers I made on; I don't actually have a stripping hobby.

I was a little hurt that my old armor, full of memories from my fight with the Red Bear disappeared.

Well, as I was focused on my [Ability [Exoskeleton]

Entry 1 [Red Bear Beast King's Prestige] registered

Entry 2 [ ] empty

Entry 3 [ ] empty

Entry 4 [ ] empty

Entry 5 [ ] empty

[4 more form entries remaining. Which entry number would you like to equip?]

was displayed inside my head, so it didn't completely disappear. I was thankful for that.

It looks like I was able to change forms over the course of battle depending on what I needed. It was a handy ability.

Also, it was nice that I could produce wings that enabled me to fly, but the flight controls were more difficult than I had imagined.

I should practice when I get home.

Being extremely pleased with this outcome, I grabbed my spoils, returned home, and ate them.

Taste of Stamp Boar meat never disappointed.

Ability [Reckless Charge] learned

Ability [Tail Attack] learned

After that, I tried some flight practice, crafted a couple items, and then dropped to sleep.

Mhm, excellent day.

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