Day 63

Day 63

Today I'm riding on Kumajirou, similarly Dhammi-chan and Redhead were mounted on their respective familiars, and walking behind us were the common foot soldier Kobolds which comprise our 17 fighting members, to go to the cave of the Kobolds.

The purpose is to seal the hole that was connected to the Velvet dungeon at the interior part of the cave, as well as to retrieve the little loot that the Kobolds had stored and left behind.

The Kobolds’ cave was a 40 minute walk away.

After retrieving the luggage, I ordered Asue-chan to destroy the cave as she is best equipped to handle the task.

With this the first goal is finished.

Afterwards, I allowed the Kobolds to hunt. Armored Tanuki and etc were killed and brought home as food for the future. Lately the favorite target for hunting is the Black Wolf.   

Though I still needed more familiars, I wanted to accumulate lots of linked experience; that’s why I risked clashing with Black Wolves that I aggroed them into one big group.

While training is important, it is necessary to pile up actual combat experience that places one’s life on the line as much as possible. I trained them in the basics of the basics for two days; the main thing now is to see whether or not they can leverage that. Well, I was aware that I was asking too much of them, but they had assistance from the cuffs, and if we didn't do this now, nothing would happen.

Let’s work to exhaustion. Though I didn't really expect that much of them, the Kobolds tried their best. They moved as I ordered, and the group of 12 black wolves were driven into a trap laid out by another Corps.

They were injured more or less severely since the unreasonable condition not to kill the black wolves was imposed on everyone, continued regeneration (Regen) was added on the cuffs so it was not a major problem because they easily recover from wounds of that level.

I was thinking this at the time, but the Kobolds might be an unexpectedly good find.

The brains of the captured Black Wolves were tampered quickly and turned into familiars. Afterwards, the next group of Black Wolves we found were successfully herded in the same way, thus the familiar we gained today were twelve Black Wolves. Only, neither of the heads of the two groups we captured today had the abilities of a "Leader". Regretfully those individuals were just the same as the others.

That said, we were able to get them a sufficient number of them, so for now I'll call it a success. As we were going back in high spirits due to the day's achievements, we encountered a Stamp Boar with its characteristic rocky snout pierced with an iron nose-ring.

"Just in time for a test of strength!", said Asue-chan eagerly as she dismounted from her favorite Triple Horned Horse to attack it from the front. Naturally, the opponent Stamp Boar, with its disposition to crush and eat anything that opposes it using its craggy snout, charged without any intent to run away.

Then, as the [Earth Goddess' War Pick], swung from right to left, hit the Boar and smashed through the boar's body.

The rock-like solid body of the Stamp Boar couldn't withstand one blow from Asue-chan, its front half was blown off.

Though it appears that I needed to adjust things, but well, things turned out this way—it had a body that was hard as stone, so for Asue-chan who could break stones with her bare hands it would be a very easy enemy to kill—, that was what I thought, so I said nothing in particular and washed off the blood from her face using a water ball.

The carcass could be valuable food so I put it away into my Item Box, once I was back in the cave, we made it into hotpot and ate it.

At night, I was approached by Blacksmith-san while working on various things, she wanted me to come to the smithy.

I went with her, thinking about what could she possibly want; what I saw there was the figure of a halberd, freshly repaired.

I had overused the halberd during the life and death battle with the Red Bear previously and as a result it had lost its usefulness. I couldn't remember if I asked Blacksmith-san to fix it.

In short, the repaired version of it has been completed.

Furthermore, Blacksmith-san revised several areas, the master blacksmith proudly boasted.

First of all, the axe head which is the feature of the halberd, is made of an alloy produced by combining water spirit stone, wrought iron, and mithril. Because a water spirit stone is mixed in, water gushes out when it is shaken just like the spirit stone knife.

However only by shaking it will the exaggerated water tricks happen. I have already proven that moving it at a high velocity will turn the water into a blade. When used properly, it seems the range of the attack expands up to 3 meters.

The sharpness has been improved from the time with the knife, when the knife could almost have been called a blunt weapon without the water, even if water doesn't come out of the halberd it can be treated as an ordinary edged tool.

Then, there is the spearhead, it was made out of an alloy of spirit stone, wrought iron, and mithril just like the axe head. The spirit stone this time was a lightning spirit stone that gives off lightning. When thrust at high speed, it can fire a bolt of lightning from the tip, hitting distant enemies with an electric attack.

I thought that perhaps by using [Triple Stab], lightning would also be fired from the invisible spearheads, firing three lightning bolts at the enemy all at once.

What a convenient thing.

The pick on the opposite side from the axe head was likewise made from a similar alloy, the spirit stone used this time was fire spirit stone. As a test I took out a log from the Item Box and stabbed it with the spear, and fire came roaring out from where the pick pierced the log.

Inserted at the butt end was a tetrahedral polished earth spirit stone, stabbing the enemy with it makes it easier to use all of my Earth Control system abilities.

Above all, using the spirit stones in combination, the effects are greater than normal. It was probably equal to or greater than the knife I enchanted before, as I was thinking about why, Blacksmith-san told me.

Somehow, it seems that she got a new Job. Surprised, she didn't tell anyone and kept it a secret until she had finished making the halberd.

Right now, the only one who knew this was me, I was a little bit happy.

The name of the job was Spirit Smith, it seemed to be a rare job she got by clearing some troublesome conditions such as regularly handling various spirit stones and becoming proficient at handling it.

This seems to be the main reason for the increase in the abilities of the spirit stones used in the halberd.

I was so happy I hugged her. Recently, due to one thing or another I had been able to adjust my strength unconsciously.

The smile that Blacksmith-san gave me in my arms was very cute.

I got a bit fired up.

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