Day 62

Day 62

Using [Lesser Summoning: Undead], I once again went to work on raising everyone’s levels yesterday.

I could confirm that it’s possible to alter the summoned monsters according to my will. I could make different kinds of Black Skeletons; axemen, lancers, archers, and Mages were all possible, and if I wanted to go easy on the opponent I could even make simple white Skeletons.

It was even possible to summon moving, decomposing corpses called “Zombies”, frail clusters of souls called “ghosts”, and other undead types. I wanted to try eating the ghosts, but even I couldn't eat insubstantial creatures.

It appears that there are certain conditions that have to be met to eat a ghost in this world, so I swore in my heart that if I met someone who could do this that I’d eat his flesh.

Returning to the original topic, for the purpose of earning experience points, I created mainly Zombies and the ordinary white Skeletons; then I let them get defeated by the troops.

The Black Skeleton Knight is stronger than the others, and for this reason it was able to act as Ogakichi-kun’s or Dhammi-chan’s sparring partner, and was used as an instructor for the Kobolds and Elves respectively.

It was not able to talk beyond making rattling noises. It could communicate using rough gestures though.

Steadily strengthening this ability will make it terrifying. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that there were no problems with the undead. Undead-type monsters have various restrictions like [Sunlight Vulnerability] and such.

Dhammi-chan is an undead too, specifically a Dhampir, but since she possessed a [God’s Divine Protection] and is thus a subspecies, it isn’t a problem for her, unlike for other undead.

Black Skeleton class monsters could somehow last ten minutes in sunlight, though they start emitting black smoke from all over their bodies, but their overall strength dropped so much that it couldn't even be compared to their usual power.

They got so weak that even the Kobolds could defeat them, that should be easy to understand.

That was what it was like for the Black Skeleton Knight Class of the Skeleton species, so weaker undead like zombies, ghosts, and the like couldn't even last ten seconds before being purified.

Though the Zombies were exorcised in the sunlight, their rotting bodies remained, and can be used to spread disease in enemy territory, or as material to fill up holes, or recycled as meat for Hobufu-chan who liked to eat them, but ghosts leave nothing behind and can't be used at all once the sun comes up.

It also hurts that they can be easily exorcised, specifically by using holy water or holy light.

Thinking about the forces that can fight during the day, the calculations went a little crazy.

Troubled over how we're supposed to overcome that, I stopped thinking about it for now. Today I was earnestly overseeing the training of the Elves and Kobolds.

The elves were originally hand picked elites, thus they could improve their skills simply by fighting Black Skeleton Knights and Black Skeleton Axemen one on one, so training them was easy.

I concerned myself more with coaching the Kobolds. The Kobolds, as a species, were about equivalent in power with Hobgoblins, perhaps higher, but anyways, here's our current composition:

Half-Lords: 3 Females

Ogres: 2 Males

Dhampir: 1 Female

Hobgoblins: 6 Males, 4 Females

Hobgoblins Mages: 3 Males, 2 Females

Hobgoblins Clerics: 1 Male, 1 Female

Goblins: 14 Males, 16 Females

Elder Goblins: 4 Males, 4 Females

Elves: 10 Males, 7 Females

Humans: 5 women

Kobold Footman : 1 Male

Kobolds: 18 Males, 10 Females, 4 children, and 3 elderly

119 total.

Including pets:

Three-Horned Horses: 5

Hind Bears: 3

Black Wolf Leader: 1

Black Wolfs: 8

So, it is a large group of 136 in total.

Even with these large numbers, our residence was originally a huge mine, and expansion work has been carried out so living space isn't a problem. However, with our current strength there’s a large difference in our supplies of armament and food.

Weaklings and those with weak positions within the units are made to be gophers, the game that was hunted is primarily used as food. There are plenty of wild fruit and vegetables as well, since the sisters are in charge of the Goblins making delicious cuisine, the nutrition balance is not bad -- receive less food than others.

No, at the very least, they can eat. But, all living things want to fill their stomach after strenuous exercise, those in low positions will only get to partially fill their stomach. It's hard on them.

The biggest problem is armaments. In a world where the strong eat the weak, powerful weapons are important to increase the chances for survival.

You might be able to keep afloat by using fangs and teeth, yet, for the purposes of reach, the sharpness and durability - among other factors - of weapons used by humanoid races will give superior results.

But the weak remain weak, they get inferior weapons compared to others. As such they get viewed as weak by others and the possibility of them being targeted increases. Even though they’re already weaker under normal circumstances.

Is it bad that I don’t change this rule?  Think about it, giving the weak good armaments would, to a certain degree, be a waste of treasure and most importantly the distribution will become unbalanced, leading to ruin.

I am aware of the disadvantages and merits. In order to cultivate their abilities, from now on I will never change this rule. Train them until they vomit blood, make them feel like they’re dead to increase their individual power.

Well, among the Kobolds some are approaching level 100 and will rank up soon, biting into the higher positions and mixing it up.

Besides, truthfully, I carry some expectations for the young Kobold children, since they are in their growth periods.

Their race already excels in nimbleness, so I put a policy in place to emphasize it in their training sessions.

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