Day 62

Day 62

After experimenting with [Lesser Summoning: Undead] yesterday, I found out that I can choose the type of summoned undead according to my will.

I can summon different kinds of Black skeletons. Respectively axemen, lancers, archers and Mages, and if I use only a small amount of magical power in the summoning process, I can summon simple white skeletons.

I managed to summon other types of undead too, like the moving decomposing corpses called [ Zombies ], the frail souls called [ Ghosts ] and other undead types. I wanted to try eating some ghosts, but as expected, even I couldn't eat insubstantial creatures.

It seems I can't eat ghosts as of now. Although I can easily destroy them with magic, I can't eat them. However, I won't give up.

It seems like there are certain conditions that have to be met to be able to touch ghosts in this world, so I swore in my heart that if I meet someone who can touch ghosts that I’d eat their flesh.

For now, I summoned mainly zombies and ordinary skeletons and let them fight against us, for the purpose of earning Experience Values and combat experience.

The Black skeleton knights have a decent level of strength, so they were able to act as Ogakichi-kun’s and Dhammi-chan’s sparring partners to some degree.

I put one of the Black skeleton knights in charge of supervising the kobolds' and the elves' training. Although they can't produce any sounds beside rattling noises making it impossible to have a conversation with them, I can still roughly communicate with them using gestures.

Steadily strengthening this ability will make it terrifying.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that there were no problems with the undead. Undead-type species have a few weaknesses, especially [ Weakness to Sunlight ].

Dhammi-chan is an undead too, specifically a dhampir, but since she possesses a [ Divine Protection ] and is thus a [ Variant ], sunlight isn’t a problem for her unlike most of the other undead species.

Black skeleton knight-Class undead can somehow last for ten minutes in sunlight, while emitting black smoke from all over their bodies, but their overall strength drop so much that it can't even be compared to their usual strength. They get so weak that even the kobolds can defeat them.

That is how it was like for the Black skeleton knight-Class undead, weaker undead like zombies, ghosts and the like can't last under the sunlight for even ten seconds before being completely purified.

After the zombies are purified their rotting bodies remain, which can be used to spread disease in enemy camps, fill up holes, or recycle their meat as meals for Hobufu-chan, a hobgoblin who likes eating rotten flesh. But ghosts leave nothing at all.

It's also a little depressing that they can be easily exorcised by using holy water, holy light and fire.

At first, I thought 'with this ability I can procure a considerable military force even during daytime', but my calculations went awry after finding out how weak against sunlight undead normally are.

At first, I thought about how can I overcome this drawback, but I stopped thinking about it after awhile and postponed it for later. Today I prepared the training program of the elves and kobolds and supervised it.

The elves were originally hand-picked elites, thus they were able to improve their skills simply by fighting the Black skeleton knights and the Black skeletons axemen one on one, so training them was easy.

That's why I was more focused on training the kobolds.

Kobolds as a species, are equivalent in power to hobgoblins, or slightly stronger.

Anyways, here's our current composition:

Half-Lords: 3 females

Ogres: 2 males

Dhampir: 1 female

Hobgoblins: 6 males, 4 Females

Hobgoblins Mages: 3 Males, 2 Females

Hobgoblins Clerics: 1 Male, 1 Female

Goblins: 14 Males, 16 Females

Elderly Goblins: 4 Males, 4 Females

Elves: 10 Males, 7 Females

Humans: 5 females

Kobold Footman : 1 Male

Kobolds: 18 Males, 10 Females, 4 children

Elderly Kobolds: 3

119 in total.

Including the pets:

Three-Horned horses: 5

Hind bears: 3

Black wolf leader: 1

Black wolves: 8

A total of 136.

Our residence is originally a huge mine that we are constantly expanding, so living spaces weren't a problem even with our current numbers.

As for armaments and food, there's a difference in their distribution.

Those with low positions generally have a smaller share of food, the game we hunt in the forest is our primary source of food, there are also plenty of wild fruit and vegetables that we can collect in the forest as well. The sisters and some of the goblins are in charge of preparing appetizing meals that have a good nutritional balance.

Of course I'm ensuring that everyone are eating at least the minimum required amount.

Nevertheless, it's normal to want to fill your stomach after a strenuous exercise, however, as long as you stay in a low position you'll be able to only partially fill your stomach.

As for armaments, in a world where the strong eat the weak, powerful weapons are important to increase the chances of survival.

Sharp fangs, claws and hard protective skin can dramatically increase the chances of survival. In addition, humanoid species have the advantage of being able to use weapons. Naturally, the better the performance of the weapons the higher the chances of survival.

However, I passed down a rule that those with low positions will get only low-quality armaments. As a result, they will be viewed as weak by others and the possibility of them being targeted will increase. Because of that, even though they already have low chances of survival because they're weak, their chances of survival get even lower.

Shouldn't I change this rule you say? Think about it, giving the weak good armaments is plainly a waste of resources, not to mention that there's a high chance that it'll invite ruin to them.

Moreover, using weapons that they can't efficiently wield will hamper their growth.

That's why I won't change this rule. That way they'll have to train until the point they start vomiting blood to become stronger and get a better position.

Well, there are some among the kobolds who are approaching Level 100, so some of them may Rank Up soon, biting into the higher positions and mixing it up.

Besides, truthfully, I carry some expectations for the young Kobold children, since they are still in their growth period.

Since kobolds excel in nimbleness, I put a policy in place to emphasize it in their training program.