Sidestory: Male Elf's POV

Day 61 Sidestory: Male Elf's POV

Including us elves, races other than humans are able to rank up by accumulating a large amount of experience and leveling to level 100.

The difficulty and total exp required differs between races, but the fact that these cases are few and far between is a trait shared between all races, as despite reaching level 100 many are unable to rank up.

For example, when it comes to goblins who are weak but reach maturity quickly in exchange, there are usually only two or three, at most 4, out of a hundred or so that ranks up to hobgoblins.

I had little knowledge on goblins who I thought were the weakest until recently, but from what I heard this should be the standard.

Like this, those who fulfill the requirements and rank up to a stronger species dwindle with each rank. Due to such harsh demands, those who become Dragonewts, Lords, and Midians only appear once in one thousand to ten thousand.

However, the group that captured and enslaved us, led by a black Ogre that can only be described as nothing less than impossible, rank up in bulk each night.

The Dhampir-variant with beauty that rivals even those of elves. The Half Earth Lord with her heroic but warm nature. The Half Blood Lord that hid a blood coloured madness in her. And many other hobgoblins.

This kind of thing should have been impossible. It utterly defies common sense. If it had been this easy for non-humans to rank up, the detestable humans would have been chased to the corners of the continent by now, and they wouldn't be living leisurely like they are now.

Or, so I would have thought until a little while back. But at this point, it’s not much of a surprise anymore.

The common sense I had cultivated while living in the forest for a long time has already been shattered into pieces.

I burned myself in the strong libido I had never experienced until I came here.

Adorning jewelry or opening holes on our ears should have been severe taboos, but using all means possible, we were cornered with no other choice but to don the ear cuffs.

Forced into training harsh enough to make all our efforts up until now seem like child’s play, we were not even allowed to pass out.

Being faced with massive stress, as well the shock from encountering the unknown, has brought upon changes that elves who spent their time leisurely cannot discern.

Paying with my common sense, as otherwise it would be my sanity that deviates the result of my efforts to rebuilt my mentality, it should be perfectly understandable to become unfazed at all abnormalities.

Well then, for today’s training, we fought black skeleton knights that the black ogre - renamed from Goburou to Ogarou - summoned.

At first a part of me underestimated it, as even though the skeleton was a knight that’s stronger than normal, it is still part of the same Skeleton species in the end.

The reason was because my equipment consists of a mithril short sword that is effective against undead to which skeletons are grouped under, and a light but sturdy round shield, in addition to my confidence gained from daily training.

If even one attack lands, I thought I would be able to easily win from the effects the mithril brings.

But contrary to all expectations, from the results alone I ultimately lost.

I certainly am not inferior in terms of skill, but I lost against the Black Skeleton Knight’s stamina.

Originally the fight was to end before it turned into an endurance struggle, but the Black Skeleton Knight’s capabilities exceeded my expectations, and although I did not receive any damage, I couldn't land an attack either. After it was over, I felt both frustrated and refreshed.

I felt an easiness that I had never felt before.

It was somewhat unexpected, but somewhere in my heart I thought that such living isn’t bad.

With the ear cuffs on, I can never meet my family and friends again, or even if I do, I would not have a place back home, but I don’t feel such feelings as despair. Rather, I held a different sort of feeling. Perhaps the change in me, despite my disinterest for the outside world up until now, has something to do with this.

What is certain is that this group is absolutely outside our imagination.

While wondering what would happen to us now, feeling both eagerness and anxiety, I think I will continue living my life here.

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