【??? Perspective Extra】

【Time Axis: ???】

There's a dimly lit room.

The only light source was the huge screen on the wall, strings of characters and pictures appear and disappear on it.

Light flickered intensely, making it hard to see.

Quietly looking at it, just somebody sitting on a chair.

【Project 【■ ■ ■ ■】 moved to Phase Three】

【Ability Restraint Function (Limiter) Released】

【ESP 【■ ■ Ability】 Ability Complete Liberation Started........ Liberation Confirmed

【Subject K's ■ ■ ■ ■ ――】

【On WA Axis' ――――】

【Key Figure PA is ――――】


The one sitting on the chair continued looking at everything displayed, occasionally saying 「Hmm」, deep in thought.

Nobody knows the true identity of the one in the room.

Let alone the figure or face, is it a man?, is it a woman?, is it an old man?, is it an old woman?, that and everything else is unknown.

The true identity of the one sitting cannot be identified, the room itself has something inexplicable spread around.

「Well, well, well, what will happen now」

So, the unidentified one said.

Clap Clap, it clapped, Clang Clang, a high-pitched sound echoed. It sounds similar to hard, metal-like things colliding.

「I'm looking forward to it」

While watching the endlessly flowing information, the one who knows everything looks happy.

The story that is about to begin, it will continue observing as a bystander.

All started due to that one's intentions.

This is, the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of the story, somebody's story.

Day 60 == Sidestories: 【??? Perspective Extra】 == Day 61

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