Day 59

Day 59

Redhead and I rode on top of my Hind Bear Kumajirou as walked through the forest. At our side was my Black Wolf Kurosaburou. The four of us made for an unusual party as we strolled through the uncharted parts of the forest.

Redhead has been improving her combat skills, but she hasn't killed anything so she hasn’t gotten any experience.

Basically, her level hasn’t changed.

Although her physical abilities have indeed risen from the daily training, it’s a trivial difference compared to the increase in ability from raising your level.

By the way, Redhead’s level is 18. Her level increased by ten during the hind bear hunt which is good, but frankly speaking she’s still beyond useless.

Her current physical ability is below any of the common Goblins.

With that being the case, Redhead could no longer win against the Goblins who went out daily to hunt and raised their levels.

The reason we went out hunting together this time was for her to improve her level.

Redhead wasn’t equipped with anything special today. There’s a high chance that an inexperienced person would mistake the performance of their equipment for their own ability, so she wasn’t equipped with any magical items.

Her weapon of choice is a steel kukri knife and she kept three ring daggers for backup.

For defense she has a Round Shield reinforced with shell, the same item provided to the general Goblin infantry which are [Normal] class items.

She was wearing her everyday clothes made by the Sisters out of hind bear fur and my thread, as well as a breastplate and a grey cloak.

Her forearms were protected by steel gauntlets. Her legs were protected by steel cuisses, steel kneepads, steel greaves, and steel sabatons. All this equipment together looks was quite heavy, so I enchanted it to make it lightweight and now it's actually quite light.

Because of this, Redhead’s movements were still nimble.

Her first prey was an Armored Tanuki.

She was struggling a little bit against the defense of its back shell, but because of the [Job-Warrior]’s ability to do battle corrections, or perhaps from the results of her training, or maybe both, Redhead succeeded in dismantling the Armored Tanuki.

The meat was given to Kurosaburou to eat.

The next prey were three Night Vipers. Even though she flinched from the piercing gaze, she calmly watched their movements and was able to guard against their attack with her round shield, and she succeeded in decapitating them.

Their meat was given to Kumajirou to eat.

Three Kobolds were up next. I quickly captured two with thread, creating a situation where she’ll be able to fight one-on-one. Perhaps they realized there was no way to escape and focused on Redhead, challenging her to a fight fair and square.

The Kobolds had superior physical strength, but Redhead's combat skills she developed by training with Goblins every day covered the difference in physical ability.

Dodging the Kobold’s slashes, sometimes parrying their attacks, Redhead managed to avoid serious injury and finally decapitated it.

After a short break so Redhead could recover her stamina to some extent, I released one of the Kobolds. Not to set him free, but to have it fight Redhead.

Although she got a few injuries this time, Redhead once again cut the Kobold’s body into pieces.

I asked the last Kobold for the location of the Kobold village before I had them fight.

As a result, I learned of its location.

While thinking on whether or not I’d go to the village if given the opportunity to go, Redhead who had more or less recovered her physical strength said “Next Please”, so I released the next opponent.

The final Kobold put up a better fight than the last two, but in the end Redhead sliced its head off with her sharpest slash of the day and killed it.

After healing Redhead's injuries and curing her fatigue, I let Kumajirou and Kurosaburou each eat a Kobold whole.

Right as I was about to start munching on the remaining Kobold Redhead told me that she’d like to try eating it too, so I grilled it and we ate it together.

I was impressed by Redhead's adaptability. She ate the monster meat without any hesitation.

Well, I’m not sure I could call the action she did “eating”. I’m sure even if it was raw or metal, almost anything would be gulped down.

Yeah, Redhead is very courageous, which is a good thing because it’s something you'll need if you’re staying with me in the future.

Ability [Mountaineering] learned

As I was thinking "Okay then, our next prey is…", Redhead tugged on the edge of my coat.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I looked down at her, her blue sapphire eyes were now a dull red.

What’s more, the once circular black pupil was now a rectangular shape resembling that of a monster’s.

T/N: Google "goat eye" if you’re interested - Vidar

They still seemed somewhat different from a monster's eyes.

Rather than calling them ominous, her somewhat strange eyes gave off a chilling feel.

Somehow, she obtained a new [Job]. Maybe it was because she ate the Kobold, or maybe it was the training with the Goblins.

Well, putting that aside, I listened to her story.

Redhead obtained a [Job] called [Noire Soldier].

After greatly increasing their affinity for monsters, those with the [Job-Warrior] have a constant chance of obtaining this rare job by clearing the condition of "eating a monster they killed themselves".

As usual, I was the main cause of this huh? I didn't feel anything like regret though, I thought nothing of it.

Having gained a new [Job], Redhead's combat abilities rapidly rose.

There is an outrageous drawback that a [Noire Soldier]'s body will rapidly deteriorate and they will die if they don't consume monster meat or blood at fixed intervals, but their growth rate of their combat abilities is amazing.

She now had physical abilities equal to or better than that of a Hobgoblin.

Her combat power couldn't even be compared to how she was before.

Considering that earlier her combat ability was equal to or worse than a common Goblin, it was a huge improvement.

Redhead who kept saying “Awesome, Awesome!” while she deflected a Red Deer’s two horns, kicked its body so it flew up in the air and then cut its thick neck covered by strong muscles with the kukris blade, was somehow cute.

The horns were collected, the meat was shared cordially.

Ability [Wild Horn Dance] learned

Ability [Red Crystal’s Tone] learned

After that we hunted various things.

When evening came, I made a short stopover together with Redhead.

I confirmed that Redhead's new job [Noire Soldier] increased her abilities in a big way when she took in some of me.

So, by taking in stronger monsters, she would become stronger herself.

As for what she took in, that was a private matter.

TL note: she ate thousands of Rou's potential children -larvyde

TL note: This can be some kind of plot hole. I mean, what if the others took it in too? -Kouta

TL note: the condition to become a [Noire Soldier] is to eat a monster you have killed, I don't believe any of the other humans have killed monsters? -Alex

TL note: Sexual Innuendos. So she’s gonna be drinking his semen from now on. - Sarah

During today's hunt, Redhead’s level rose to 34 and it was rapidly rising.

Day 58 == Day 59 == Day 60

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