Day 58

Day 58

I went out to look for Black Wolves again for the second day in a row. However, today I’m going out alone.

Gobukichi-kun and the others are in the middle of training to learn how to ride their Familiars. I learned it easily because of my experience in my past life and one of my abilities [Horse Riding].

Being able to communicate with my Familiar was a great help too. They were having problems, but I made it easier for Gobukichi-kun and the others to get used to riding by giving them reins and saddles made from my thread.

I will say, an armed Ogre riding on a Hind Bear is an awesome sight in many ways. I wonder what it would be like if the Hind Bear were also armed.

Today, I detected a pack of Black Wolves with 【Sense Presence】, and in the end, I caught 8 Black Wolves and 1 Black Wolf Leader.

Although the Black Wolves' running speed, endurance, and body strength was excellent, they still couldn't measure up to a Hind Bear. Even I didn't think that something with such a large body could run like this between the trees.

When they realized they couldn't get away the wolves stopped running. Initially they bared their fangs, but after I glared at them with my ability, they wagged their tails like friendly dogs, and so I healed them a bit.

Afterwards, I rewrote the brains of the Black Wolves the same way as the other «Familiars», then I returned to the den.

I gave the eight Black Wolves to the Goblins belonging to the light armored troops «Hatred» led by Hobusato-san.

They struggled like Gobukichi-kun and the others to learn how to ride, I’ll do my best to figure out a way to make it easier in the future.

As for myself, I worked with my Hind Bear named Kumajirou to deepen our relationship.

The Black Wolf Leader named Kurosaburou had become my beloved wolf.

I was healed by their cuteness.

You couldn't see their previous ferocity at all as they were being stroked comfortably by Redhead, Alchemist-san, and the others.

Oh yeah, at some point I should add some «Familiars» to act as bodyguards for Blacksmith-san and the others.

The remaining two Elf females and two males gave in. The ones who had resisted to the end were the original two Elf escorts that accompanied the next Elf clan chief candidate.

I tried to be gentle like I always did, but I might have gotten a little rough.

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