Day 57

Day 57

I want pets. I have [Job-Monster Tamer], so I should make use of it.

That's how the original group of 4 went out together for the first time in a while to capture some pets.

My first priority target is a pack of Black wolves. Because if it’s a wolf, it’s likely to make as good a companion as a dog would if I tame it. It's also because Black wolves are pretty strong and if I train it properly I could even use it as a mount for long distance travel.

However, reality wasn't that simple. I couldn't find any Black wolves.

I didn't have a problem with that though, since I captured five Triple Horned horses and three Hind bears today.

Aside from Gobumi-chan, Gobue-chan's performance surprised me.

Although Gobukichi-kun and I tried to hold back, we ended up killing a few Triple Horned horses by mistake due to how hard we hit. So those two had to do their best by themselves to capture them, the accurate shooting at the gaps between the scales of Gobumi-chan who I gave the [ Sure Hit Great Bow (Failnaught)] as a present was pretty good. This is probably because of the abilities of the magic item. However, I had to admit that the speed of her rapid firing was amazing.

But, the fact that Gobue-chan who used a pickaxe-type magic item that I gave her from Velvet’s inheritance could overwhelm a Triple-Horned Horse by herself exceeded my expectations. Her pickaxe is a [Unique]-Ranked magic item that have only the ability [Difficult to Destroy].

Yeah, these are probably the results of honing her mining technique until she learned how to use her body's muscles efficiently. The superior speed and power of just one of her swings wasn't normal.

The horns of the gigantic figure of the Triple Horned horse that took a direct hit to the head broke from their roots and its head rotated a half-turn before it lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

She might be overshadowed by Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kun, but I got convinced that the fourth place among the goblins of our generation truly belongs to Gobue-chan.

Levels are important in this world, but her swing just now can make anyone realize how important being able to use all of your your body's muscles to support your strikes can be.

I turned the Triple Horned horse that was trashed by Gobue-chan into a [Familiar] with [Job-Monster Tamer]. It looks like this ability rewrites part of their memories. At most I can set two masters, and apparently the masters can talk with their pets telepathically. Isn’t this too convenient? It got attached to me first, then after I set Gobue-chan as it's second master it got attached to her too and thus it became her personal mount.

The hobgoblins, Gobumi-chan and Hobusato-san received Triple Horned horses too just like Gobue-chan. Gobukichi-kun, Hobusei-san, and I took the three Hind bears as pets respectively.

There was two Triple Horned horses left over, so I arranged them to the Vice-captain and a prominent member of Gobukichi-kun's corps who were particularly strong among the other hobgoblins.

The reins and saddles magic items we got from the twelve human members of the reconnaissance corps could not be used on the Hind bears, but they could be used on the Triple Horned horses, so I gave it to them.

In the evening, five elves, three men and two women succumbed to their desires.

And so the same deeds were repeated again.

It was quite the significant day.