Day 57

Day 57

I want a pet. I have the occupation [Job-Monster Tamer], I should use it.

Thinking that way, the original group of 4 went out together, for the first time in a while, to capture some monsters.

My first target was a pack of Black Wolves. Because if it’s a wolf, it’s likely to make as good a companion as a dog would if I tame it.

Because the Black Wolf is a monster, despite its appearance, it has lots of power. If I train it properly, I could use it as a mount for long distance travel.

Reality isn’t that simple though. I couldn't find any Black Wolves.

I didn't have a problem with that though, since I captured five Three-Horned Horses and three Hind Bears today.

Not to mention Gobumi-chan, Gobue-chan's actions surprised me.

Though Gobukichi-kun and I tried hard, we ended up killing a few by mistake due to how hard we hit. It was good that Gobumi-chan, that I gave [Failnaught] to, was able to shoot in between the gaps in the scales.

This is certainly because of the abilities of the magic item. I had to admire the surging waves of shots that it could fire.

But, Gobue-chan who used her pickaxe single-handedly could overwhelm the Three-Horned Horses by herself, exceeded my expectations for her.

The pickaxe was something that she got from Velvet’s inheritance, a [Rare] class item that held the ability of [Difficult to Destroy].

Yeah, the mining technique that she had cultivated as her hobby was being demonstrated here.

The superior speed and power of just one of her swings wasn't normal.

The gigantic figure of the Triple-Horned Horse took a direct hit to the head, smashing its horn at the root and causing the head to rotate a half-turn at its starting point and fall from its body, was truly unbelievable.

She might be overshadowed by Gobumi-chan and Gobukichi-kun, but I truly felt that Gobue-chan belongs in the fourth place of the Goblins of our generation.

Levels are important in this world, but with one concentrated swing she made me realize how important being able to use the whole body to support the power in your strikes can be.

I turned the Three-Horned Horse that was trashed by Gobue-chan into a “familiar” with [Monster Tamer]. Somehow it rewrites part of their brain. At most I can set two owners, and apparently the owners can talk with their pet telepathically. Isn’t this too convenient? I set the Three-Horned Horse’s owner to Gobue-chan and it turned into her personal mount.

The Hobgoblins, Gobumi-chan and Hobusato-san received Three-Horned Horses like Gobue-chan. Gobukichi-kun, Hobusei-san, and I got Hind Bears as a «Familiar».

There was one Three-Horned Horse left over, so I decided to leave it to the vice captain of Gobukichi-kun's troops, who was also a Hobgoblin.

The magic reins and saddle items we got from the twelve human members of the reconnaissance group could not be used on Hind Bears, but they could be used on the Triple-Horned Horses, so I gave it to them.

And then in the evening, five elves, three men and two women, succumbed to the desires.

And so the same deeds were repeated again.

TL Note : Last time it was three men and 1 woman… so all that’s left is 4 men and 4 women. - Sarah

Yeah, it has been quite a significant day.

Day 56 == Day 57 == Day 58

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