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Day 56

Day 56

In the morning, I continued tinkering with the communication equipment (Self-made) that I started working on yesterday and now it’s finally completed.

I don’t understand how it works, but a production summary is as follows.

The Mithril ingot that I got from Father Elf as a reward was absorbed by the [Self-Evolution] ability of my [Silver Arm].

→ A part from the Ingot is pressed out from the tip of my finger creating a cuff.

→ Several drops of blood are shed from my fingertip.

→ The decoration created out of them resembles a jewel, then I fit that into the blue metal cuff.

→ With that the communication equipment is complete.

In short, it’s a means of telepathic communication utilizing my [Self Replication] ability.

From what Redhead has told me, this world doesn't widely employ the use of communication equipment. I expect that the ability to quickly share information will be extremely valuable.

At any rate, it has taken more time than I thought it would to enchant the cuffs.

I provided everyone with a cuff. I had to go through a multitude of struggles to make them.

The cuff is impossible to remove unless you cut it out by cutting the flesh around it. I designed it so that once the cuff is put on it fuses with the flesh, however I don't have to worry, as I explained [Regeneration], [Lesser Strength Increase], and [Lesser Dexterity Increase] and are activated if you try to remove it.

I grew tired from all the adjustments to the hearing I had to make and trying to make it comfortable for each individual, so I went to sleep.

I woke up in the evening and went for a good hunt before heading back to bed.

I went without sleep though, since Gobumi-chan and the others came in and I had another hot night.

TL Note : Every other night eh? This is probably the Jealousy Orgy. - Sarah

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