Day 54

Day 54

Waking up as usual, I felt a presence watching over me while sighing by my side. To ascertain who it was, I feigned sleep.

According to 【Sense Presence】, it was the Elven Maiden-san. For now, I want to ask “What are you doing?”

Later, Gobumi-chan, Redhead, Blacksmith-san, Sisters-san, and Alchemist-san all had me surrounded and were examining me closely as well, again I wondered what they were doing.

Since it is impossible to play possum forever, perhaps because of the looks from Gobumi-chan and the others I felt an eerie feeling, and because I felt this chill down my spine I opened my eyes.

Elven Maiden-san went into a panic, her movements were so funny that I laughed in spite of myself. I was hit by Elven Maiden-san.

Why me?

After that I finished my breakfast, then practiced against Gobukichi-kun. Because an Ogre could easily kill a Hobgoblin, Gobukichi-kun and I did not participate in the mixed training much.

While training was still going on, I told the Hobgoblin in charge of training that Gobukichi-kun and I were going to escort Elven Maiden-san to her village, then we departed from the cave.

After hunting Argiope for suitable materials for a while and walking for about three hours we finally arrived.

We were suddenly surrounded by elves, we could see 25 of them, but according to 【Sense Presence】 there were actually 48.

They seem to be aiming at the vital parts of Gobukichi-kun and I with bows and arrows made of Mithril. This wouldn't be a big problem for us though.

I could kill them all if I used all my abilities, and our bodies with our armor on could endure hits by an arrow even if it was at close range.

The life force of an Ogre should not be underestimated.

Frankly though, receiving a direct hit to an unprotected head would be somewhat dangerous, but I am confident we could be avoid an arrow even if it was shot at point blank range.

However, it is troublesome to fight for one important reason, Elven Maiden-san is here.

By reflex Gobukichi-kun was about to slaughter the elves surrounding him. He was able to equip the axe and shield immediately without actually carrying them around because they are stored into the magic bracelet item. By the way, the magic bracelet can hold 12 types of items and it is possible to stack 20 of the same type of item. I stopped him with a hand signal and Elven Maiden-san was able to talk down the surrounding elves quickly.

We were surrounded by an escort of guards called Watchdogs that were monitoring us as we moved forward into the Village of the Elves.

They live among giant trees in the Village of the Elves. I have a good understanding of the structure.

It is built around one enormous tree that you cannot see right when you enter the village. Traffic is handled by the other trees having scaffolds complete with stairs, residences, and suspension bridges along it.

The living area is primarily in the trees and not on the ground.

It’s unlikely that everyone is living in trees, since I can see things like stables on the ground.

It felt strange to be looked down on or should I say curiously. Although we were constantly being watched from above we continued forward up some stairs and across a bridge to arrive at our destination at last.

There were different mansion like residences of different sizes. Apparently Elven Maiden-san's home is here.

We went into a mansion, and I met with the father of Elven Maiden-san.

He had a splendid mustache, I should also say he looked like a Dandy looking old man with a fine toned body for an Elf. If I were a male Elf I would be jealous.

I tried to sit on a seat I was offered, but it creaked disagreeably, so I had to politely decline. Tea was served and as it got time to refill we moved onto business.

To summarize the contents of our agreement, because Elven Maiden-san received help I was going to be given reasonable compensation.

Even though this was not charity, I do not exactly know how much to ask for as this is my first time doing this. So, I told him to give me a reward that is worth the life of Elven Maiden-san. Does it really matter if it comes out to a paltry amount of money? He told me the amount he had in mind. I implied I wanted more.

He may hate me for it, but if he is being cheap, then Father Elf will be calm.

Depending on what type of personality he has, this will help indicate if he was being cheap.

His light response told me I succeeded.

To be honest the result was unexpected, but an [Ancient] Class [Artifact] ended up in my possession.

The magic weapon was shaped like a bow, according to the appraisal it was named [Failnaught].

I was told that it does not require arrows, when the bow is fully drawn the arrow is materialized by a mysterious power, therefore it will not run out of arrows.

An arrow that is shot will be a [Certain Hit] where it was aimed, unless the space was protected by a shield as the name "Certain Hit" implies. Though it has other abilities, it’s a pain to explain so I'll leave it at that.

This bow seems to be a family heirloom considering Elven Maiden-san's reaction to it. Nothing is impossible to exchange for his beloved daughter apparently. He must really be a doting parent. Whoa! I'm not saying anything.

So, I am glad I saved her, even if just to see that warm gaze.

So, after we received family heirloom, I was about to say “Okay, bye” but I felt a little bit awkward leaving with just that, so I decided to give him some information that I had

Also, I like Father Elf's character.

Oh, come to think of it of how far humans will go to keep this information secret, is there a strategy I should be using here? I hear that when you leak out a little of the details on the target, that the rewards will keep coming.

More awards were presented, 30 chain mail shirts made of Mithril, 30 Mithril short swords, 20 Mithril Ingot, and a few magic items that be convenient for day to day life.

I was well rewarded by someone who knows the importance of this information.

While I was absentmindedly watching Father Elf, who was writing down the information and about traps that I was aware of, I took out ten each of the knives made from water, earth, and wind spirit stones by Blacksmith-san and put them on the desk.

Also while I was at it, I brought out three shovel-type [Unique] class magic items with abilities suitable for Elves who excelled at handling spirits.

It's not like I didn't expect to gain his favor for later, but I thought that it would make up for the shortage caused by the loss of the elite Elves.

Our business was safely concluded with this. I exchanged a solid handshake with Father Elf while smiling amicably.

Only, when I was asked "Do you know the whereabouts of those elites?", I had no choice but to smile and say "I don't know".

As we started heading home, Father Elf gave me a souvenir saying "This is the Elf-made alcohol known as a secret medicine. Please take it". There were three casks of the booze.

Yep, this was thanks to [Luck] wasn't it?

Booze was a great pleasure of mine.

Father Elf said "If it's you then this is just cheap support.", I'll pay him back someday.

We got back at night. Since we finally got our long-awaited booze, I drank with everyone.

“Elven alcohol tastes so good--------!!” I screamed involuntarily.

Yeah, I’ll have Father Elf treat me again.

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