Day 53

Day 53

From the group of 12 humans I caught I learned that their forces will start advancing within 20 days. However, because the forest is full of powerful monsters like Triple Horned horses and Hind bears, mobilization of large numbers of soldiers on specific routes was deemed impossible.

Naturally, I was told the routes they were going to take.

Normally one would think they wouldn't leak such important information since they are professionals. First I broke their limbs then stopped the bleeding, then I sliced their flesh and bones and healed them, after that I cut open their stomachs then healed them again, I also cut parts of them and ate it in front of them and their comrades while they are still alive etc., they told me everything after I did that.

Reading this you may label me a villain, no, there's no doubt about it, but if you look at history you will find things like this happening all the time, so it doesn't bother me. In the first place, most of the techniques I was using were ones innovated and perfected by people who lived in the past.

In addition, I’m an ogre now. I’m no longer a human, so doing this isn’t a problem. That’s just how it is.

After I heard everything I needed to hear I ate their delicious meat. I also secured their high-quality equipment which included some magic items and I got a lot of Experience Values.

Ability [Job-Secret Force] learned

Ability [Job-Monster Tamer] learned

Ability [Job-Vorpal Punisher] learned

Ability [Job-Hermit] learned

Ability [Identify State] learned

Ability [Bribe] learned

Ability [Unlock] learned

Ability [Release Trap] learned

Ability [Sense Trap] learned

Ability [Sense Enemy] learned

Ability [Improved Assassination Rate] learned

Ability [Hidden Weapon Mastery] learned

Ability [Humanbane] learned

Ability [Vorpal Strike] learned

Ability [Aura Slash] learned

Ability [Back Attack] learned

Ability [Needleshot] learned

Ability [Throw] learned

Ability [Severe Pain Resistance] learned

Ability [Charm Resistance] learned

Ability [Assassination Resistance] learned

I also got many good abilities.

[Triple Stab] was my only direct physical attack ability, that's why I’m thankful for the addition of [Vorpal Strike] and [Aura Slash].

I also secured many useful abilities like [Unlock] and [Release Trap], I'm satisfied with gaining so many useful abilities.

Elven Maiden-san who was sleeping soundly for a whole day thanks to the sleeping drug I gave her finally woke up in the afternoon.

She jumped in surprise when she woke up since I stopped by and was looking at her beautiful sleeping face to check if she's still sleeping, then she went into panic and said things like “Where are my escorts?!” “What are you going to do to me?!” “No way, my chastity…”, so I gave her some tea I made - with the help of Alchemist-san — from medicinal herbs which calmed her down for now.

Because the materials have a strong sedative effect, after drinking it she calmed down quickly.

Then, I told her what happened.

The escorts were all dead, I took their hearts and equipment as payment for giving them a respectful burial. I told her that I watched - Gobukichi-kun was excluded since he wasn't there at that time - everything from the preparation phase, then after catching the humans I interrogated them before killing and eating them.

I didn't keep any secrets.

Ah, by the way, I didn't say anything about the elven prisoners of war we caught since it is unrelated. There might have been a problem if I told her, but I didn’t because it doesn’t have any relation with what happened to her.

Well, speaking of Elven Maiden-san’s reaction, she was extremely mad.

I got punched in my abdomen muscles repeatedly, but to be honest, it wasn't a big deal. It was like getting hit by a small child. It something like pokpoka punching, that image is actually quite close.[1]

I thought ‘Is Elven Maiden-san behaving like this because there was a guy with a reasonable position among those who died?’, but since it's not like I don't understand her feelings I let her freely hit me for a while, then I countered by flicking her forehead — My hits are no joke, even though it's just a flick and that I held back my strength as much as possible, it was still too strong for her — with my finger.[2][3][4]

There was only a large swelling on her forehead, so she won't die, but it still must have been painful because she had to take a few steps back, she held onto the spot I hit and glared at me with teary eyes, but I didn't care about that.

I said to her “The dispute between you elves and the humans doesn't have anything to do with us, but I went out of my way and helped, so stop complaining so much...etc.”. Then I told her about the existence of a traitor among the elves.

She became silent, after a while she erupted into tears, so I tried comforting her. The sight of a beauty crying genuinly is a foul play.

After that, I told her that I'll escort her to the « Elves' Village », but we talked longer than I expected, so she had to stay here for the night. I made a hammock for her to sleep in tonight.

Well, tomorrow we will go to the « Elves' Village ». I wonder how it'll go?

Oh, Gobujii don't look at me with those eyes that are conveying the words "Won't you imprison and drug the Elven Maiden-san?". How annoying.[5]

It's not like she's an enemy, in addition, there's no way that I'll do something like that after spending 2 hours talking with her……

By the way, it seems like out of the elves we caught two men and two women yielded to their desires. Although I didn't have any interest in doing it, it became an implicit rule among the goblins that the boss must be the womens' first partner, so I just went with it.

Before long, I saw the surreal scene of the goblins standing in line and waiting for their turn. Well, since they are following the rules I set up I'm not going to say anything.

Dev's Corner

  1. T/N: Pokapoka punch is a word in Japanese that refers to punches that don't hold any power ~Obarou
  2. TL note: He did '????????', which is flathead, and poke her in the forehead. I had to make do with the horrible pun T.T - FB
  3. TL note: what? '???' is kochira, this one, usually refers to rou himself or his side of the conflict. he’s been using achira/kochira a lot for that reason. - Vidar
  4. TL note: And here I thought rou’s having one of those flight of fancy moment with the famous forehead flick slapstick jokes from the 90’s/00’s (I’m not sure if this was from Silent Library or Takeru’s Corner) - FB
  5. TL Note : Damned perverted & lolicon gobujii. The last girl he did it with was a loli (or used to be loli). - Sarah