Day 53

Day 53

From the group of 12 humans I caught, I learned that their full force will advance within 20 days. Because the forest is full of powerful monsters like Triple Horned Horses and Hind Bears, mobilization of large numbers of people on specific routes was deemed impossible.

Naturally, I was told the routes they were going to take.

Normally one would think they wouldn't leak such important information since they are professionals, ha! First I broke their limbs then stopped the bleeding. Next I sliced their flesh and bones then healed them. Then I cut open their stomach then healed it, also eating them mercilessly in front of their comrades. I listened to the ones that were telling everything.

We are villains, there's no mistake about it, but if you look at history you would find things like this happens all the time, so I wasn't concerned. Don't take it wrong but most of the techniques I was using were ones that were perfected by our predecessors in the first place.

Oh, and I’m an Ogre now. I’m not human, so this isn’t a problem. That’s just how it is.

After I heard everything I needed to hear I ate their extremely delicious meat. Oh, and I also got magic items, armaments, and a lot of experience points.

Ability [Job-Secret Force] learned

Ability [Job-Monster Tamer] learned

Ability [Job-Vorpal Punisher] learned

Ability [Job-Hermit] learned

Ability [Read State] learned

Ability [Bribe] learned

Ability [Unlock] learned

Ability [Release Trap] learned

Ability [Sense Trap] learned

Ability [Sense Enemy] learned

Ability [Improved Assassination Rate] learned

Ability [Hidden Weapon Mastery] learned

Ability [Humanbane] learned

Ability [Vorpal Strike] learned

Ability [Aura Slash] learned

Ability [Back Attack] learned

Ability [Needleshot] learned

Ability [Throw] learned

Ability [Severe Pain Resistance] learned

Ability [Charm Resistance] learned

Ability [Assassination Resistance] learned

Oh the abilities.

[Triple Stab] was my only direct physical attack ability before, I’m thankful for the addition of [Vorpal Strike] and [Aura Slash].

There’s also [Unlock] and [Release Trap], I'm satisfied with so many useful abilities.

Elven Maiden-san slept soundly for a day thanks to the sleeping drug, she finally woke up in the afternoon.

She jumped in surprise when she woke up since I was looking at her beautiful sleeping face, then she had a lot to say like “What have you done to my private escorts?!” “What are you going to do to me?!” “No way, my chastity…”, so I made some imitation tea, with the help of Alchemist-san—out of medicinal grass, which settled her for now.

The tea's sedative effect kicked in immediately.

Afterwards, I told her what happened.

The escorts were all dead, I took their hearts and equipment as payment for giving them a respectful burial. I (Gobukichi-kun was excluded since he wasn't there at the time) was watching the situation from the preparation phase, I interrogated the humans before killing and eating them, that's all.

I told her everything without holding back.

Oh by the way, I never said anything about the Elven prisoners of war since it is unrelated. There might have been a problem if I told her, but I didn’t because it doesn’t relate to her.

Well, speaking of Elven Maiden-san’s reaction, she was extremely mad.

I was punched in the head and got hit a few more times, but to be honest, it wasn't a big deal. It was like getting hit by a small child. Repeated punches you say? That image is actually quite close.

Though I thought ‘Did Elf Maiden-san behave like that because there was a guy with reasonable position?’, but it's not like I don't understand her feelings, so I let her freely hit me for a while, then I countered with a flick of my finger—My hits are no joke. Even though it's just a poke I had to go easy on her and hold back—to her forehead.

TL note: He did '????????', which is flathead, and poke her in the forehead. I had to make do with the horrible pun T.T - FB

TL note: what? '???' is kochira, this one, usually refers to rou himself or his side of the conflict. he’s been using achira/kochira a lot for that reason. - Vidar

TL note: And here I thought rou’s having one of those flight of fancy moment with the famous forehead flick slapstick jokes from the 90’s/00’s (I’m not sure if this was from Silent Library or Takeru’s Corner) - FB

Her swelling head moved back so she won't die, but it still must have been painful, she held onto the spot and scornfully stared at me with teary eyes, I don’t really know.

“The dispute between Elves and humans doesn't matter to us, but I was going to help, so stop hating me and stop complaining so much”, I declared. Then I told her that there seemed to be a traitor in their ranks.

Then she became silent, after a while she erupted into tears crying in earnest, I tried to comfort her. Gah, the sight of a beauty in tears is foul play.

After that, I wanted to escort Elven Maiden-san to her village, but we talked longer than I expected us to, so she had to stay here for the night.

I made a hammock for her to sleep in tonight.

Well, tomorrow we will go to the Village of the Elves. I wonder how it'll go.

Oh, and Gobujii, weren't you looking at me with expectant eyes saying "Did you catch Maiden-san?" What a bother.

TL Note : Damned perverted & lolicon gobujii. The last girl he did it with was a loli (or used to be loli). - Sarah

It's not like she's an enemy, I'm not going to be hypocritical after spending 2 hours talking with her……

Oh, I began by asking about the male and female Elves I caught. There was no interest in them because they were the ones who meddled first, it's an implicit rule of the Elves, so I just went with it.

The line of goblins watching was a surreal scene, it went on and on. For the time being, I'm not going to say anything since they were following the rules.

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