Day 50

Day 50

I had a dream. It was quite the strange dream.

An old man that looks familiar was there saying something along these lines of, “Sorr— my thanks—” “—a favor” “This is —— Please”

When I woke up it felt like I have forgotten something, I cannot help but think this is something very important. Isn’t this something that usually happens on some flag-like scene?

I tilted my head trying to remember it in full detail, but it wasn't coming back to me. It feels like my memories were hazy.

Since I couldn’t recall it I decided to focus on other things. In the morning I had a spar with Gobukichi-kun, and in the afternoon I paired up with Gobumi-chan and we went out hunting for a couple of hours, flirting as soon as we got outside.

After that I checked up on the Goblins from the logistical support corps Patri who were studying about things like smithing and cooking.

I had fun with everyone today and soundly went to sleep.

Goburou obtained [XXX of Kin]!

Huh? It seemed like something popped up before I fell asleep…

My consciousness faded as I went back to sleep.

TL: the [XXX of Kin]! means He gets a skill that he doesn't know what it does. Therefore he "understands" it not. Author decided to use XXX to simply imply that this skill is unknown at this time.

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